Books and Beer

Books and Beer

Books and Beer is a casual series and an opportunity to learn about and celebrate recent book publications. Sponsored by The University Center for the Humanities, these events allow faculty to showcase and share their published work with colleagues across the University, graduate students and other members of the WMU and Kalamazoo communities. It also provides an opportunity to break down the isolation of academic life and to meet scholars with similar interests across campus.


2023-24 Books and Beer events

Oct 26, 5pm - 2500 Knauss Hall - Shu Yang, World Languages and Literatures - Untamed Shrews: Negotiating New Womanhood in Modern China
Nov 16, 5pm - 2500 Knauss Hall - Daniel Macfarlane, School of Environment, Geography, and Sustainability,  Natural Allies: Environment, Energy, and the History of US-Canada Relations
Dec 7, 5pm - 2500 Knauss Hall - Emily Hauptmann, Department of Political Science, Foundations and American Political Science: The Transformation of a Discipline, 1945-197
Feb 8, 5pm - 2500 Knauss Hall - Jeffrey Angles, Department of World Languages and Literatures, Translation of Godzilla and Godzilla Raids Again
March 21, 5pm - 2500 Knauss Hall - Lauren Foley, Department of Political Science, On the Basis of Race: How Higher Education Navigates Affirmative Action
April 4, 5pm - 2500 Knauss Hall - Richard Katrovas, English, Poets and the Fools Who Love Them: A Memoir in Essays

Call for proposals

As a gathering place for intellectual dialogue and exchange, and with the goal of bringing together faculty from across programs and disciplines, the WMU Center for the Humanities invites proposals for the Books and Beer series.

If you or a colleague has a book published in, please consider submitting it for a “Books and Beer” event.

We are currently accepting nominations for scholarly and creative books to include in the Fall 2024 Series. Books must be broadly engaged with the humanities and can be single or jointly authored, edited volumes, translations, in languages other than English, scholarly editions of primary sources, etc.

Submit a copy of the published work and a brief summary (up to 300 words) of how the work contributes to the humanities to:

Chair, Books and Beer Series
University Center for the Humanities
MS 5490

Books that are selected will become part of the collection on display at the Center for the Humanities, all others will be returned. All books submitted will also be featured on the Center’s website.


Email the Center with any questions or for more information.