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2020-21 Ethics Lecture Series

Sep. 25 - Ethics Lecture Series | Nanette Elster, Kayhan Parsi 

Apr. 5 - Ethics Lecture Series | Winnie Veenstra Peace Lecture  “Political Effectiveness, Negative Externalities, and the Ethics of Economic Sanctions” 

2020-21 Ethics Book Club

Sep. 30 - Dr. Mona Hana-Attisha’s What the Eyes Don’t See: A Story of Crisis, Resistance, and Hope in an American City 

Oct. 13 - Ian Shapiro’s The Moral Foundations of Politics

Nov. 2 - Mike Davis’ The Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of the Avian Flu 

Feb. 9 - Frances McCall Rosenbluth and Ian Shapiro’s Responsible Parties: Saving Democracy from Itself (2018)

Mar. 1 - Alex S. Vitale’s End of Policing (2018)

Mar. 2 - John Scalzi's Lock-In (2015)

Apr. 7 - Isabel Wilkerson's Caste (2020)     

2020-21 Humanities Speakers Series

Oct, 22 - Jennifer Steinhauer | THE FIRSTS: The Inside Story of the Women Reshaping Congress

2020-21 Books By Broncos

Jan. 21 - Alexis Lenderman-Black and Justin Black | Redefining Normal: How Two Foster Kids Beat The Odds and Discovered Healing, Happiness

Feb. 18 - Jill Hermann-Wilmarth & Caitlin Ryan | Reading the Rainbow: LGBTQ-Inclusive Literacy Instruction in the Elementary Classroom (Language and Literacy Series)

Mar. 18 - Jeffrey Angles and Takako Arai  | Factory Girls

2019-20 Ethics Lecture Series

Nov. 22 | Saba Bazargan-Forward, "Justifying the Beneficiary Pays Principle" Keynote speaker, Philosophy Graduate Conference

Nov. 6 | Anna Popkova and Taylor Koopman, "Populism, Social Media and Democratic Participation"

Oct. 23 | David J. Gunkel

Oct. 10 | Juan Cole, "The Saudi Crisis in the Contemporary Middle East” H. Nicholas Hamner Lecture

Oct. 4 | Ashley Atkins, "Race and the Politics of Loss: Revisiting the Legacy of Emmett Till"

Sep. 20 | Jason Marker, M.D., "If the United States Promised Health Care as a ‘Right,’ What Would We REALLY Have to Deliver?" Keynote,  2019 WMU Medical Humanities Conference

Sep. 4 | Bernhard Stahl, "Politics of Denial: Germany's International Responsibility and the Silencing of Mass Atrocities"

Ethics Lecture Series

2019-20 Humanities Series: Freedom

Feb. 27 | Dr. Edward Montgomery“Academia and Public Policy: Uneasy Allies or Mortal Enemies”

Feb. 20 | Vivien Sansour, “The Palestine Heirloom Seed Library: A Journey of Reclaiming Life in One of the World's Centers of Diversity - Palestine”

Feb. 21 | Vivien Sansour, Workshop

Feb. 22 |  Vivien SansourSeed Swap & Story Share

Nov. 15 | Ibram Kendi, "How To Be An Antiracist ”

Nov. 7 | Matthew Fletcher"The Ghost Road: Anishinaabe Responses to Indian-Hating"

Oct. 28 | Jerry Saltz, "How To Be an Artist; or at least think more freely and creatively about your everyday life"

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2018-19 Humanities Series: Truth

Feb. 21 | Mark Nepo, "More Together Than Alone: The Power and Spirit of Community"

Nov. 8 | Laura Blanchard, "Women Envisioning Women in Contemporary China: Subjectivity, Objectification, and the Problem of Authenticity in Art"

Oct. 30 | Nikole Hannah-Jones, "Race and Education in America"

Sept. 28 | Angela Davis, "Art & Activism: On the Inside Out"

Sept. 25 | Marion Nestle, "Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew the Science of What We Eat"

Sept. 25 | Khalid el-Hakim, "The Truth Hurts: Black History, Honesty, and Healing the Racial Divide"

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2018-19 Ethics Lecture Series

March 12 | Dr. Charlie Kurth, "Should Politicians Be Anxious?"

Feb. 12 | Parker Crutchfield, "Making People Better: Saving Us from Ourselves Through Moral Enhancement"

Feb. 6 | Laura Black, "Engaging Communities in Difficult Conversations: Dialogue, Deliberation, and Engaged Scholarship"

Jan. 29 | Dr. Ron Cisler, "Does Community-Wide Public Health Prevention Work? From Reducing Teen Births to Addressing Today’s Opioid Epidemic"

Nov. 9 | Justin C. Clark, "Plato’s Dialogues of Definition: What is Socrates Looking for?"

Nov. 5 | "Integrating Research Ethics into the High School Science Classroom"

Oct. 24 | Dr. Carla Koretsky, "Invisible Salt and Urban Dead Seas: Who Is Responsible?"

Sep. 25 | Special Exhibit and Follow-up Discussion: "'68: How Far Have We Come?'" Black History 101 Mobile Museum Exhibit Follow-up Discussion"

Ethics Lecture Series

2017-18 Humanities Series: The Promise of Education

April 18 | Diane Ravitch, "Education Reform and the Promise of Public Education"

April 12 | Danielle Allen, "Inequality, Citizenship, and the Promise of Education"

Feb. 8 | David Denby, "The Humanities in the Age of Demagoguery"

Oct. 19 | Kentaro Toyama, "The Kindling of a Flame: Analogies to Light the Way for Technology in Education"

Sept. 28 | Mark Edmundson, "In Defense of Ideals"

2017-18 Ethics Lecture Series: Panel Discussions

Apr. 2 | “Educational Equity: From the ‘Kalamazoo Case’ to the ‘Kalamazoo Promise’ and Beyond”

Feb. 28 | “Legal Ethics in the Media”

Jan. 25 | “Where Do You Stand in Times of Trouble?

Ethics Lecture Series