Coaching Sport Performance Testimonials

vincent church talking into headphone during football game

Thomas Lyons on rugby field with players

Thomas Lyons
Head Coach, St. John’s College High School Rugby
Associate Head Coach, Catholic University of America Men’s Rugby
Coach and Referee Educator, USARugby
"My experience in the Coaching and Sport Performance Program has helped mature and enhance my coaching abilities. The Western Michigan faculty provided strong learning experiences that expanded my knowledgebase and deepened my expertise across multiple coaching domains. The program has grown my ability to create positive and challenging environments that provide physical, mental, and emotional growth opportunities for my athletes and teams. It has also made me a stronger partner for the other coaches in my programs, my strength and conditioning colleagues, and helped make me a better coach educator and mentor."

vincent church talking with football player

Vincent Church
Varsity Coach, Gobles High School Baseball
Assistant Coach, Gobles High School Football
"The Coaching and Sport Performance Program at Western Michigan University assisted me to become more well-rounded and ultimately a better coach. I was able to enhance all areas of my coaching from data analysis and interpretation of biomechanical movements to goal setting and culture building. I became an overall more effective and efficient coach. This program also helped me develop a level of personal confidence and professionalism in my coaching / teaching career, which I am truly grateful for. I consistently utilize the knowledge and techniques learned in this program to better my players and motivate them to perform at the best of their abilities."

  • alicia smith coaching softball team

    Alicia Smith
    Head Coach, Mattawan High School Softball
    "The Coaching sport performance curriculum inspired me to become a better coach and gave me the tools to help develop my athletes into elite performers. The education, support and learning environment I received while attending Western Michigan University was the catalyst that propelled my program to the next level resulting in the Division I softball State Championship in 2011, 2012 State Runner up and 2013 H.S. Division I softball State Championship. My ultimate goal is to share the knowledge I gained with each of my athletes to augment the life skills they will utilize to navigate the rest of their lives."

  • peter coaching baseball

    Peter Stoepek
    Assistant Professor, University of West Georgia
    Previous Coach, Calvin University Baseball
    "The coaching sport performance program at Western Michigan University, provided me with a deeper understanding of how to effectively manage all different aspects of a team as well teaching me the biomechanics of different movements that has made me a more efficient and successful coach. This program has made me more confident in my abilities as a coach and it has opened many doors for me for future employment opportunities."


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