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Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics


Take your data-driven decision making skills to the next level. The graduate certificate in business analytics offers coursework that takes your skills to the next level, preparing you for leadership roles that focus on the intersection of data and decision making. Courses help professionals grow their knowledge and career opportunities in one of today’s most in-demand fields.

  • Program overview

    The Business Analytics Graduate Certificate consists of four courses (12 credit hours).

    Through this program, you will gain a strong foundation in the analytical methods, techniques and tools essential for data-driven decision making. Business analytics will be explored through case studies using real-world data to help you gain a broader perspective on the applications of data analytics.

    You may earn the graduate certificate in business analytics as a standalone credential, or while being enrolled in the MBA or an M.S. degree program in business, through elective courses. Earning the certificate while in a business master’s degree program gives you an additional focus in analytics, which employers cite as an asset for managerial roles. Demand for business analytics professionals is expected to rise by as much as 25% in the next 10 years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Find your format

    Flexibility is key for working professionals with personal commitments who want to earn a graduate certificate. We offer multiple flexible formats that accommodate your schedule.

    Attend class in person in Kalamazoo or virtually. And, you can switch the way you attend to suit your schedule. The ultimate in flexibility.

  • Time commitment

    With the flexibility you need, WMU has options to complete the certificate in one to two years.

  • Tuition rates

    We get it. Grad school can be expensive. Here are some options to help you figure it out.

Credit hours: 12 credit hours (4 courses)

ApplyApplication requirements

Time to completion: 1 to 2 years

Cost per credit hour:

  • $730 Resident

  • $1,096 Non-resident

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The program consists of 12 credit hours of graduate coursework.

  • CIS 6410*—Financial Data Analytics (3 hours) OR MBA 6003: Data Analytics for Managerial Decision Making (3 hours) OR CIS 6400: Business Analytics (3 hours)
  • CIS 6300—Business Data Management (3 hours)
  • CIS 6500—Visual Analytics (3 hours)
  • CIS 6640*—Predictive Analytics and Data Mining (3 credits) OR MBA 6014: Advanced Analytics for Managerial Decision Making (3 hours)

*Students pursuing a graduate certificate in business analytics and M.S. in Finance students must take courses with the CIS prefix, while MBA students pursuing the certificate must take courses with the MBA prefix.

For more information on course requirements visit the WMU catalog.

Have more questions?

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Frequently asked questions

 What classes do I need to complete for graduation?

Do I need to complete any prerequisite classes?

  • There are data analytics prerequisites. Prerequisites will be waived if you have an undergraduate business degree or related coursework in statistics and spreadsheets. 

Am I able to transfer any previous graduate-level classes?

  • If you earned a 3.0 or better in a graduate class at an accredited university, you may be able to transfer those credits. 

Based on work and personal requirements, how many hours should I devote to my studies?

  • Plan on six study hours per week for each class in which you are enrolled.

What is my desired time frame for achieving the graduate certificate?

  • Typically students complete the requirements in one to two years.

If I am working, should I commit to only one course per semester?

  • The certificate program is structured so you can take courses at your own pace. Completing one course per semester is an option many students choose. Following this schedule, you will likely complete the certificate in 18 months to 2 years. Consider your personal commitments when making this decision.

What are the financial considerations for tuition and fees?

Does my employer provide tuition assistance?