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    Student consultants present their findings.

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    Faculty experts oversee student projects.

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    Students analyze data to identify answers to your business questions.

Unlock Growth and Profitability

Want to become more profitable, but don’t know what levers to pull? Facing a competitive threat and are unsure how to respond? Questioning whether to launch a new offering, enter a new market or expand geographically? 

Answering strategic questions like these is essential to growth and profitability. Yet, small and medium size companies do not have the time, resources, expertise or personnel to adequately answer them. Moreover, six figure fees put most consulting solutions out of reach.

Western Michigan University's LBS Consulting solves this dilemma. We are a strategy consultancy dedicated to helping small and medium size businesses increase profitability. We deliver world-class insights to small and medium size businesses by deploying three unique assets:

  • Two Ph.D. business faculty with deep expertise in strategy and professional experience in management consulting.
  • 100 undergraduate students in the Haworth College of Business, competing in teams.
  • Access, collection and analysis of a vast amount of specialized data that is tailored to your business.

These assets give us incredible scope and scale to enhance your profitability that are unrivaled in Michigan.

Profits and Purpose 

By engaging with LBS Consulting you not only grow your profitability, you grow with a purpose. Through your engagement, students will experience one of the most intense, growth-inducing action learning experiences in undergraduate business education. We call it, “The Ultimate Learning Experience.” Your engagement dollars cover scholarships and other forms of support for our most ambitious and hardest working students in the Haworth College of Business.

Together, we can all grow. Join us!

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