In-state tuition

Western Michigan University will grant in-state tuition to all individuals who are eligible for VA educational benefits.

Western Michigan University will also grant in-state tuition to all individuals who are not eligible for VA educational benefits but have honorably served or are serving in the Reserve or Active Components of the US Armed Forces.

Western Michigan University will additionally grant in-state tuition to dependents of those individuals who have honorably served or are serving in the Reserve or Active Components of the US Armed Forces, but would otherwise not be eligible for VA educational benefits. For this purpose, a child is a dependent as defined by IRS income tax regulations. This term also includes a spouse, widow or widower of a service-member or veteran who has honorably served.

The following documentation is required to process an in-state tuition request:

For the military member: DD-214

Spouse of a military member: The military member's DD-214 and the marriage certificate 

Child of a military member: The military member's DD-214 and the students birth certificate


Traditional educational benefits are often overlooked by military members due to the other educational benefits available but starting with the task of completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opens you up to the possibility for additional scholarships, grants, work study and loans.

Visit the Financial Aid department's website to learn more about how to apply.

Financial aid checklist

Here are some additional tools to help you plan for college:

  • College Scorecard: A planning tool and resource to assist prospective students and their families as they evaluate options in selecting a school.
  • College Navigator: A consumer tool that provides school information to include tuition and fees, retention and graduation rates, use of financial aid, student loan default rates and features a cost calculator and school comparison tool.
  • College Financing Plan: A model aid award letter designed to simplify the information that prospective students receive about costs and financial aid so they can easily compare institutions and make informed decisions about where to attend school.
  • Paying for College” webpage: A tool that can be used by prospective students to enter the names of up to three schools and receive detailed financial information on each one and to enter actual financial aid award information.

Federal Tuition Assistance

The Tuition Assistance (TA) program provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty education programs in support of a service member’s professional and personal self-development goals. TA is available for courses that are offered in the classroom or by distance learning and is part of an approved academic degree or certificate program.

  • Those receiving the GI Bill® (a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at", Post-9/11 GI Bill® or Yellow Ribbon Program incentives are not eligible to receive Federal Tuition Assistance.)
  • In order to apply for Federal Tuition Assistance, you will need a Common Access Card reader. One can be found at the Military and Veterans Student Lounge in Ellsworth Hall or the ROTC computer lab.

Army: Currently being replaced with ArmyIgnited

Navy: Navy College Program

Air Force: You must log into the AF portal

Marines: Marine Corps Tuition Assistance

Coast Guard: MYCG Ed

Michigan State Tuition Assistance Program

The Michigan State Tuition Assistance Program (MINGSTAP) is a State of Michigan funded tuition assistance program that pays for the tuition costs of eligible Michigan National Guard service members.

  • Actively drilling members of the Michigan Air and Army National Guard are authorized this benefit
  • This is a repayment program between the student and the National Guard
  • Information on how to apply for this program is located on the MINGSTAP website. 

VA Education Benefits

The military offers a variety of Veterans Affairs educational benefits. Western Michigan University accepts all VA education benefits.

If you are interested in details about how to initiate your benefits, contact Jessica Vokits, veterans affairs certifying official.

If you have questions regarding VA education benefits, health care, Guard or Reserve units in Michigan, or benefits, contact Brent Haddow, vet success on campus coordinator.

VA policy regarding certification for hours and tuition/fees (new as of May 2021)

Schools can begin submitting hours only to the VA 120 days prior to the beginning of each semester. The VA requires schools to submit tuition/fees after the add/drop period.

Students using GI Bill®, Chapter 1606 AND POST 9/11 will need to verify their attendance to the VA at the end of each month of the semester in order to receive their monthly stipend. The VA requires students to verify electronically.

VA debts

The new VA Policy states that all debt letters will be sent to the school to repay the VA for classes that students either withdraw from or stop attending during the semester. 

Students will not receive a penalty while waiting for VA payments to come in. WMU flags students using VA benefits and is required to give the VA 60 days for Ch. 1606, and Ch. 35 payments to get started. The  Chapter 1606 and Chapter 35 monthly stipends go directly to the student. The student must make arrangements to pay the school for tuition/fees within that the 60-day time frame.

Under Post 9/11, the VA requires we give the VA 90 days to make payments for tuition/fees to the school. Post 9/11 veterans can pay the difference of what the VA will pay and what they owe once the VA payment comes into the school.

Montgomery GI Bill®

Post-9/11 GI Bill®