WMU SPECIFIC scholarships

The Office of Military and Veterans Affairs is proud to present WMU military students with scholarship opportunities during fall and spring semesters. 


Fall scholarship opportunities

Spring scholarship opportunities 

Active and veteran scholarships 

Branch specific

Dependent scholarships 

Degree specific

Gender specific

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Non-military specific 


Search engines

Online scholarship searches

Using the right terminology in a search engine will reduce frustration when looking for scholarships. Here are examples of search engine phrases:

  • Free school for military spouses grants for veterans,  grants for disabled veterans, college grants for veterans, government grants for veterans.
  • Free school for veterans children, free college for veterans, free tuition veterans, free school for vets, free school for military, federal grants for veterans college.
  • Graduate scholarships veterans, scholarships for veterans family members, fafsa veterans, free school for veterans, state education benefits for veterans.
  • Home improvement grants for veterans, scholarships war veterans, scholarships for veterans dependents, scholarships for disabled veterans.
  • Small business grants for veterans, grants for veterans, housing grants for veterans, to start a business scholarships for veterans.