Allkins Family Military Spring Scholarships

The Allkins Family Military and Veterans Scholarships are merit and needs-based scholarships available to military members currently serving, those who have previously served and dependents. There are no restrictions or requirements regarding major, minor or military branch, but there are two unique scholarships for those who are still serving and graduate students.

There are four separate Allkins Family scholarships available: $2,500 for all military members, $1,000 for those currently serving, $1,000 for all military members, and $500 for military students pursuing graduate studies.

Apply for the Allkins Family Gold scholarship

Apply for the Allkins Family currently serving scholarship

Apply for the Allkins Family Silver scholarship

Apply for the allkins Family Graduate scholarship


  • Must be admitted to WMU to receive award

  • Must show proof of military status on scholarship application

See the individual applications for additional eligibility criteria. 


Deadline is Dec 05, 2020.

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