Featured Graduates

Congratulations to our graduates! Go Broncos!

Class of Fall 2021

Carlos De La Rosa

MLK Scholar Carlos De La Rosa

Hometown: Fennville, Mich.
Major: civil engineering
Major: mathematics
Graduation semester and year: fall 2021
A little about myself: Beyond happy to be a first-gen graduate. Thank you Multicultural Affairs for Students for the continuous support throughout my four years of college.

Kierra Kelly

MLK Scholar Kierra Kelley

Hometown: Rochester Hills, Mich.
Major: crimimal justice
Minors: legal studies and family science
Graduation semester and year: fall 2021
A little about myself: During my time at WMU, I spent a lot of time involved in leadership. I’ve held several executive board positions with the Black Student Union and the Black Criminal Justice Association. I’ve dedicated my time to working with the community's youth through my work with the Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home as a youth specialist along with years of volunteering. Since graduating, I have secured a position with Bethany Christian Services and will continue my fight for at risk youth as a foster care case manager. 

Mariah Jade Villarreal

MLK Scholar Mariah Jade Villarreal

Hometown: Newaygo, Mich.
Major: occupational therapy
Graduation semester and year: fall 2021
A little about myself: I am a first-generation college student. Coming into WMU, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. As I continued to take classes at Western, I started learning about myself then quickly realized that occupational therapy was my calling! Thanks to my MLK academy leader Craig, who helped me navigate college my freshman year. If it wasn’t the MLK academy leaders I’m not sure I would be a Bronco grad. GO BRONCOS!

Class of Spring 2021

Bryean George

MLK Scholar Bryean George

Hometown: Southfield, Mich.
Major: general psychology
Minor: integrative holistic health care
Graduation semester and year: spring 2021
A little about myself: I’m 21 years old, and I was born and raised in Detroit, Mich. Something interesting about me or something everyone thinks is interesting is that I am left-handed, and I am the only one who is in my family. I enjoy hanging out with friends, taking time for self-care, going to the movies, and being adventurous. I enjoy traveling as well, and just anything fun to enjoy life.

Jeannie Kapp

MLK Scholar Jeannie Kapp

Hometown: Williamston, Mich.
Major: child and family development
Minor: psychology
Graduation semester and year: spring 2021
A little about myself: I grew up in a small town and I am a big family person. I am the youngest in my family and have two sisters. I like playing soccer and cooking.

Samantha Trim

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Mich.
Major: interpersonal communication
Minors: global and international studies, gender and women's studies
Graduation semester and year: spring 2021

Taylor West

MLK Scholar Taylor West

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
Major: social work
Minor: interdisciplinary legal studies
Graduation semester and year: spring 2021
A little about myself: Taylor West is a graduating senior and presidential scholar representative for the School of Social Work. With her degree, Taylor plans to continue her journey to get her Master of Social Work and then attend law school where she can use both of her MSW and JD degrees to help make our U.S. justice system a little more about justice. With her passion to become a Federal Court Judge, Taylor has used her time at WMU to maximize networking efforts while advocating and negotiating for a predominately White institution to be a champion in dismantling systemic racism at WMU. In her time as student body president, Taylor has deepened her love for service and leadership. In the constant battle for social and racial justice, Taylor has used her platform to launch a Student Led Social Justice Fund project to help raise WMU’s graduation and retention rates while eliminating educational disparities for Black and Brown students. Taylor hopes to use all that she’s learned from her time in undergrad to tackle the judiciary as an aspiring attorney and judge. WMU has been the place for her to transform and blossom into the trailblazing leader she is, setting new paths for other female leaders of color to move mountains.