Two students sitting on lounge chairs, with their heads turned to face each other. One student has a laptop on the lap.

Four-Tier Structure

In 2009, a pilot program was developed to support second-year students. The success of this pilot became the catalyst for the expansion of services beyond the second year. As a four-tier program, the MLK Academy provides students with a variety of support and services to assist and enhance their learning experiences and progression toward graduation. While all students are assigned to work with a professional staff person and are coached by an upper-level student, each tier is designed to address developmental milestones associated with that phase of the student’s matriculation.

Through regularly-scheduled meetings with professional staff and academy peer leaders, students are introduced to an environment that promotes strong academic achievement and leadership opportunities as well as encourages participation in events that advance diversity on and off campus. 

Four-tier components

First Tier

  • Academic course review and coaching
  • Academic progress review
  • Diversity and cultural programs
  • Integration into campus life

Second Tier

  • Beyond the classroom experience
  • Career and internship exposure
  • Leadership exposure
  • Major declaration
  • Study abroad exploration

Third Tier

  • Academic and social integration
  • Career exploration
  • Graduate school exploration
  • Internship and study abroad experience

Upper Tier

  • Graduation preparation
    • Audit application
    • Graduate school application
  • Entrance to profession