Two students sitting side-by-side at a table, looking down at a book.


  • Academic success component—Participants have access to 24/7 online tutoring service and scholarship writing workshops through the Mentoring for Success Program. Participants also have access to study space and study sessions (scheduled on an as-needed basis) led by academic mentors who are proficient in specific courses and subject areas. Furthermore, mid-semester academic progress reports are sent to professors on behalf of students in every tier and are reviewed with the academy leaders when returned. Finally, participants meet regularly with academy leaders to discuss and review their academic progress during the entire academic year.
    • Academy leaders—Participants are coached by upper-level students who serve as positive role models and guide them toward academic and social success as they navigate through their educational experience at WMU.
  • Career and professional development—The MLK Academy has partnered with the Career and Student Employment Services and the Student Engagement offices to develop workshops and activities focusing on career strategies and leadership and professional development.
  • Cultural programming and events—Participants socially engage in a variety of programs and events offered by the MLK Academy throughout the academic year to enhance their social, cultural and holistic development.
  • MLK Academy celebration—Celebratory events are held to recognize achievements of program participants during the academic year.
  • Professional guidance—Participants work closely with professional staff to develop and implement a comprehensive plan of success that will support their academic, career, as well as personal and social development. MLK Academy professional staff work closely with key departments on campus (i.e., Office of Admissions, Office of Financial Aid, Office of Study Abroad, etc. to name a few in order to ensure program participants are well informed of University resources).