Participants are coached by academy leaders, upper-level students who serve as positive role models to motivate, guide, and support MLK scholars toward academic and social success as they navigate through their educational experience at WMU.

Academy Leaders

Rabin T. Chhetri

academy leader Rabin Thapa Chhetri

Tier: Third tier 
Hometown: Baglung, Nepal
WMU email: rabin.thapachhetri@wmich.edu 
Major: mechanical engineering
Year in school: senior
Intended graduation date: spring 2023
A little about myself: I am a senior year student pursuing my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering along with a minor in mathematics. My hobbies include playing soccer, learning new languages and cultures, etc.

Michon Jenkins

academy leader Michon Jenkins

Tier: Second tier 
Hometown: West Bloomfield, Mich.
WMU email: michon.l.jenkinsmuhammad@wmich.edu 
Majors: music therapy and behavioral psychology
Year in school: junior
Intended graduation date: fall 2023
A little about myself: I have a passion for helping people of all ages reach their greatest potential. Coupled with my love for music, my goal is to become a music therapist for those with special needs. Outside of school I love to read, spend time with my family and friends, and cook/bake. I hope that I can inspire those around me and help them reach their goals.

Nishant Sapkota

academy leader Nishant Sapkota

Tier: First tier 
Hometown: Kalamazoo, Mich.
WMU email: sapkota.nishant@wmich.edu 
Majors: computer science and data science
Year in school: junior
Intended graduation date: spring 2023
A little about myself: My hobbies are watching Netflix and listening to music. I also like to explore around the places here in Kalamazoo on my bike.

Luther Westcott

academy leader Luther Westcott

Tier: First tier 
Hometown: Manchester, Mich.
WMU email: luther.m.westcott@wmich.edu 
Majors: finance and leadership business strategy
Year in school: junior
Intended graduation date: spring 2023
A little about myself: I love doing all sorts of things but my main hobbies include: going on hikes, working out, making music, traveling, attending concerts, etc. I grew up in a family of five siblings, a dog, and two cats. I love food and enjoy cooking it as well. My favorite band is Tame Impala and I’m more than open to you sending me your music playlist!

Des Williams

academy leader Des Williams

Tier: Second tier 
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
WMU email: williams.a.desiray@wmich.edu 
Majors: child and family development, child life
Year in school: junior
Intended graduation date: spring 2024
A little about myself: I am a junior here at Western Michigan. My goal in life is to create programs and provide resources to help children who have experienced trauma, specifically toddlers. I am also a business owner, and my business is focused on the mental and emotional growth of children. In my fun time I model, write and perform poetry, exercise, and take myself on dates. I am very creative, and I love nature.