Dr. Fred Sammons

The Sammons Center for Innovation and Research in Occupation Based Technology at Western Michigan University celebrates the legacy of Dr. Fred Sammons, an occupational therapist, who is well known around the world for his exemplary contributions as an inventor, businessman, entrepreneur, clinician, educator and philanthropist. 

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The Sammons Center accepts proposals from innovators who have creative and effective ideas for products that enable people to engage and participate in everyday occupation. Proposals are accepted throughout the year with no set deadline for submission.

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The Fred sammons archives

Learn all about Dr. Fred Sammons, an iconic treasure to the occupational therapy profession and, to our great fortune, the Department of Occupational Therapy at WMU. Dr. Sammons' amazing contributions to occupational therapy have been captured in a comprehensive set of interviews, videos, photos, and historical artifacts by way of the Sammons Archives, created by Dr. Roger O. Smith, Professor of Occupational Therapy at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Every practicing OT today who uses adaptive devices to enable a client to participate and engage in occupation can thank Fred for creating, manufacturing, and distributing his inventions that led to the Sammons Preston, an AbilityOnce Company. 

Go to fredsammons.org and enjoy the rich history of a man who was noted as being one of 100 Most Influential Occupational Therapists in the first 100 years of our profession!

Grants Awarded 


  • Therashield - Alissa Remijan
  • Investigation of Maximum and Sustained Grip Strength using the GripAble - Dr. Nancy Hock


  • Role of OT on the Impact of Sensory Processing Differences on a Child’s Holistic Development - Kaylee Toren and Dr. Wendy Tremaine
  • A Storytelling VR Experience to improve Cultural Humility among Occupational and Physical Therapy Students - Shreena Shah, Sarah Aguilar, Dr. Maureen Mickus
  • The Raising Families App: A Community University Partnership Addressing Pandemic Slide Through Unique App Development - Dr. Zahava Friedman
  • Product Design of a Device for Individuals who Enjoy the Occupation of Birding - Alex Field


  • TySafetyBelt - Tyrone & Valerie Sanders
  • MobileMentor App Prototype - Holly Grieves


  • Sensory Gardening: A Full Deck of Ideas -  Amy Wagenfeld

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  • Validation of Use of Pinch Sensors for Functional Tasks - Nancy Hock
  • Effect of Rhythmic Breathing on Affect Regulation - Brandon Morkut
  • Sit to Stand Prototype - Darren Webb and Alex Santos
  • Community Gardening for At Risk Youth - Shirley Earnest
  • Go Baby Go Adapted Cars - Christina Gainer
  • iCan Play Interactive Narrative - Stephanie Hiu


  • Instructional Videos for Vision Evaluation Protocols - Holly Grieves
  • Vocational Evaluations for Adults with DD - Doris Shriver


  • Instructional Modules for Therapeutic Magic - Richard Cooper
  • Real Time Vision-Based Assistant System for AD - Maureen Mickus
  • Sensing Bracelet for Reduction of Repeated Behaviors - Michelle Suarez


  • Kid Life Interrater Reliability Project - DeLana Honaker
  • VUZE Virtual Reality for Persons with Parkinson's - Robert Ferguson


  • Home for Life Design App - Carolyn Sithong
  • Goal Attainment Scale App - Ann Chapleau