Clinical Education

WMU DPT students will complete three full-time clinical rotations during the program for a total of 32 weeks of full-time clinical experience. Students spend roughly 50 faculty-supervised hours in a variety of clinical settings throughout their first year of study. The first formal clinical rotation occurs early in the second year of the program.

The first full-time clinical experience is 10 weeks long and takes place in the summer semester of the second year. The second full-time experience, also 10 weeks long, takes place toward the end of the second year of the program. The third and final full-time experience is 12 weeks long and occurs in the fall semester of the third year, just before graduation.

Students are expected, per CAPTE requirements, to complete formal experiences in a variety of settings. Students in the WMU DPT program will complete one clinical rotation that has an acute care focus, one that has an orthopedic focus, and one that has a neurologic focus.

The program has created partnerships and established formal contracts with a number of clinical facilities, both in an outside the state of Michigan. As the program progresses in its development, the number and variety of clinical partnerships will continue to grow.  

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WMU PT Clinical Education

Our staff and faculty are committed to providing the very best clinical education for our students. If you have any questions about clinical opportunities or if you are a practitioner interested in partnering with WMU, please let us know.
  • Daren Webb
    Director of Clinical Education
    (269) 387-7368


See CAPTE Pre-Accreditation information.