Pay Raises for Faculty and Staff Within Academic Affairs

Policy number04-04
Responsible officeProvost and Academic Affairs
Enforcement officialVice Provost for Budget and Personnel
ClassificationBoard of Trustees-delegated Policy
Category04. Academic Programs and Requirements

Statement of policy

Faculty and staff may receive pay raises accordingly to re-evaluations and contractual requirements. This policy is applicable to faculty and to staff only within the Division of Academic Affairs. 

Full Policy Details

Faculty may receive pay increases as a result of promotions and across-the-board increases, under the terms of the WMU-AAUP contract. All other increases in pay have to be approved by the provost's office prior to being offered to the individual faculty member. This includes efforts to reward exceptional merit, concerns about pay equity, and efforts to retain faculty members who have been offered positions elsewhere.

Staff may receive pay increases as a result of a re-evaluation of their position by HR, by accepting an offer of a different position at the university, or by across-the-board raises approved by the Board of Trustees.

  • If a position is re-evaluated, the unit can offer a pay increase identical to what is recommended by HR. If a unit wants to provide a higher pay increase, the provost's office must approve the increase in advance of the offer.
  • If a staff member is offered a different position at WMU, a raise will not be approved by the provost's office as a means of keeping the individual from taking the offered position.
  • If a unit hires a staff member already employed elsewhere at WMU, the unit must follow the HR recommendation unless an exception is approved by the provost's office in advance.
  • If a staff member is offered a position outside of WMU and the unit wishes to make a counter offer, the raise must be approved by the provost's office in advance of the offer.

These policies will be administered by the Vice Provost for Budget and Personnel, to whom any questions should be directed. The Vice Provost will review discretionary pay requests for equity and consistency with University policy. Raises for staff often require approval by the University's Chief Human Resources Officer, and must be consistent with the University's Administrative Pay Guidelines, which are online at


Effective date of current versionFebruary 15, 2017
Date first adoptedFebruary 15, 2017
Proposed date of next reviewJuly 1, 2020