Colleges, Departments and Units

Below is an alphabetical list of colleges, departments and units at Western Michigan University with their respective vice provosts, associate provosts, deans and directors. These areas are affiliated members of the provost and vice president for academic affairs.

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Dr. Carla Koretsky, Dean
  • Dr. Stephanie Peterson, Associate Dean
  • Dr. Nicolas Witschi, Associate Dean

College of Aviation

  • Dr. Raymond Thompson, Interim Dean 
  • Thomas Grossman, Executive Director of Flight Operations

Haworth College of Business

  • Dr. Satish Deshpande, Dean
  • Dr. Devrim Yaman, Associate Dean
  • Dr. Steven Newell, Associate Dean

College of Education and Human Development

  • Dr. Kristal Ehrhardt, Interim Dean
  • Dr. Marcia Fetters, Associate Dean and Director of Teacher Education

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Dr. Steven Butt, Dean
  • Dr. Matthew Cavalli, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

College of Fine Arts

  • Daniel Guyette, Dean
  • Dr. Scott Irelan, Associate Dean

College of Health and Human Services

  • Dr. Ron Cisler, Dean

The Graduate College

  • Dr. Christine Byrd-Jacobs, Dean

Lee Honors College

  • Dr. Irma Lopez, Dean
  • Anthony Helms, Assistant Dean

Merze tate college

  • Dr. Edwin Martini, Dean and Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
  • Dr. Deveta Gardner, Associate Dean
  • Tomika Ward, Assistant Dean, Academic Advising
  • Dr. Ewa Urban, Director of Assessment and Effectiveness

University Libraries

  • Julie Garrison, Dean
  • Mary O'Kelly, Associate Dean for Education and User Services
  • Paul Gallagher, Associate Dean for Resources and Digital Strategies


  • Dr. Edwin Martini, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning and Dean, Merze Tate College

Academic Labor Relations and Contract Negotiation

  • David DeThorne, Director

assessment and undergraduate studies

  • Dr. Christopher Cheatham, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Karen Stokes-Chapo, Program Manager

ACADEMIC AFFAIRS budget and personnel

  • Dr. Christopher Cheatham, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Enrollment management

  • Dr. Charles Cotton III, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Carrie Cumming, Registrar
  • Shashanta James, Director, Student Financial Aid
  • Alicia Kornowa, Director, Admissions

Information technology

  • Andrew Holmes, Interim Chief Information Officer

Diether H. Haenicke Institute for Global Education

  • Dr. Paulo Zagalo-Melo, Associate Provost

Institutional effectiveness

  • Dr. Christopher Cheatham, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Adriana Cardoso-Reyes, Assistant Director of Institutional Accreditation and Planning
  • Cathe Springsteen, Assistant Director of Integrated Program Review and Accreditation

Institutional Research

  • Jason Jach, Director