Decorative banner image: WMUx Instructional Designer Wendy Swalla hosts a workshop on campus for faculty members.

Human-centered learning

Extended University Programs is evolving to take on a new role as WMUx.

Coming Fall 2020

We make learning human-centered.

WMUx imagines, designs, and realizes ideas that transform and enhance the learning experience.

  • Our world is changing fast, and higher education needs to evolve.

  • The skills needed for today’s job market are different than ever before. New demographics of learners are emerging, with different needs and different goals. People are paying more than ever for higher education, but the perceived value of their degree has never been lower. In response to these trends, Western Michigan University cast a new vision with the Think Big initiative. Today, we’re taking an important step to execute this vision and engage the next generation of learners.

  • Driving a new vision

  • Extended University Programs (EUP) has always been a research lab for insights and a proving ground for new ideas. Recently, planning for the university’s new budget model (SRM) has prompted new conversation around EUP’s role moving forward. The unit is officially evolving to become WMUx, taking on a vital new purpose for the university—to imagine, design, and realize ideas that transform and enhance the learning experience. With a new name, a new structure, and a new service model, this transformed unit is a key way that WMU is investing in its core academic mission.

The structure of WMUx will reflect key opportunities for WMU.

  • Decorative image: Light bulb icon, corresponds to Re-imaging Learning

    Re-imagining Learning

    Driving the discovery, validation, implementation, and evaluation of instructional methods, technologies, and support services, including a re-imagined office of faculty development.

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    Elevating Processes

    Leveraging expertise in collaboration, experimentation, systems, and technology-informed learning to drive the unit and the university forward at a systems level.

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    Connections and Context

    Facilitating relationships, both internally across departments and programs, and externally in collaboration with community partners.





  • You have a role in this change, whether you’re a student, faculty member, community stakeholder, or anyone else excited about imagining the future of learning at WMU. Over the coming months, we’ll be facilitating events to gather input and feedback as we work to build the structure of this unit. We’re here to understand your needs and work together to create new solutions—and that journey begins today.



Together, we can spark a new movement of human-centered learning.

  • 2020 The year of transformation: from EUP to WMUx

  • Decorative image: computer with 'hello' message icon, corresponds to January - February Announcement phase

    January - February

    Announcement: sharing the news throughout the university and gathering initial reactions.

  • Decorative image: people conversing icon, corresponds to February - April Faculty Engagement phase

    February - April

    Faculty Engagement: facilitating the listening tour across the university and its communities.

  • Decorative image: lab beakers icon, corresponds to May - August Synthesis and Preparation phase

    May - August

    Synthesis + Preparation: understanding and using feedback, training staff, informing stakeholders.

  • Decorative image: rocket launchpad icon, corresponds to September Launch phase

    September, and beyond

    Launch: introduce and fully activate new tools, initiatives, and services.

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