Tall storage shelves at Zhang Legacy Collection Center.

Changes to WMU Archives’ record transfer guidelines

Guidelines have changed to limit the records accepted into the WMU Archives. Documents with historical significance or records that must be retained for eight or more years will continue to be received.

January 26

Science News Literacy Learn how to fact check the sound bites and understand the truth behind the story. Registration requested.

January 27

Introduction to Mendeley Desktop Learn to use the free reference management software Mendeley to save your references and create bibliographies for your papers and articles. Registration requested.

January 29

Getting the Most Out of Google Scholar Learn about the benefits of using Google Scholar to identify a variety of literature in virtually any subject area. Registration requested.

February 9

Making Sense of COVID-19 Information Learn about resources and techniques for making sense of the wide range of publicly accessible COVID-19 information as students, researchers and citizens. Registration requested.

February 11

Setting Yourself Up for Success as a Scholar Learn ways to position yourself as a researcher and scholar. This workshop will show you how to set up profiles to make sure your work gets disseminated and to find potential collaborators. Registration requested.