Waldo Library hours set for fall semester

Fall hours for Waldo Library’s first floor begin on Wednesday, Sept. 2. Waldo Library is open to WMU users only at this time. Be sure to bring your Bronco card with you to access the building.

September 24

Making Sense of COVID-19 Information Learn how to make sense of all of the COVID-19 information that is available. Registration requested.

September 25

Open Access Resources Join Kate Langan for a one hour workshop on open access resources for teaching and research. Registration requested.

September 29

Science News Literacy Learn how to fact check the sound bites and understand the truth behind the story. Registration requested.

October 1

Conducting a Literature Review in Engineering, Health and Science Disciplines Learn how to conduct a literature review, know where to search and find the most impactful research. Registration requested.

October 5

Protecting Your Digital Footprint Learn techniques and tools to make good decisions about your online presence and how to secure your personal information. Registration requested.