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Subject librarians can help you with library resources, citing sources, research projects, class assignments and more. We are available in person and by video chat, phone and email. Faculty and instructors can also partner with our librarians to provide information literacy and research instruction.

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By department or program

Department/ProgramLibrarianAppointment LinkLiaison Team
Academic Success ProgramsKate LanganAppointment with Kate 
Academically Talented Youth Program (ATYP)Dylan McGlothlinAppointment with Dylan 
AccountancyLuMarie GuthAppointment with LuMarieSocial Sciences
African American and African studiesCarrie LeathermanAppointment with CarrieSocial Sciences
AnthropologyCarrie LeathermanAppointment with CarrieSocial Sciences
ArchivesLynn Houghton  
Art and art historyMichael DuffyAppointment with MikeArts/Humanities
AviationEd EckelAppointment with EdEngineering/Health/Science
Biological sciencesMicky CarignanoAppointment with MickyEngineering/Health/Science
Blindness and low vision studiesDianna SachsAppointment with DiannaEngineering/Health/Science
BusinessLuMarie GuthAppointment with LuMarieSocial Sciences
CELCISDylan McGlothlinAppointment with Dylan 
Chemistry Micky CarignanoAppointment with MickyEngineering/Health/Science
CommunicationDylan McGlothlinAppointment with DylanArts/Humanities
Computer scienceEd EckelAppointment with EdEngineering/Health/Science
Counselor education and counseling psychologyBrad DennisAppointment with BradSocial Sciences
Criminal justiceCarrie LeathermanAppointment with CarrieSocial Sciences
DanceMichael DuffyAppointment with MikeArts/Humanities
Data management plansDaria OrlowskaAppointment with DariaResearch Services
DigitizationAmy BockoAppointment with AmyResearch Services
Digital humanitiesAmy BockoAppointment with AmyResearch Services
EconomicsCarrie LeathermanAppointment with CarrieSocial Sciences
Educational leadership, research and technologyBrad DennisAppointment with BradSocial Sciences
EngineeringEd EckelAppointment with EdEngineering/Health/Science
English language and literatureDylan McGlothlinAppointment with DylanArts/Humanities
Environment and Sustainability, Institute of theMicky CarignanoAppointment with MickyEngineering/Health/Science
Exercise scienceBrad DennisAppointment with BradSocial Sciences
Family and consumer sciencesBrad DennisAppointment with BradSocial Sciences
Fashion merchandisingBrad DennisAppointment with BradSocial Sciences
Finance and commercial lawLuMarie GuthAppointment with LuMarieSocial Sciences
First-Year Experience (FYE)Kate LanganAppointment with Kate 
Gender and women's studiesDylan McGlothlinAppointment with DylanArts/Humanities
GeographyMicky CarignanoAppointment with MickyEngineering/Health/Science
Geological and environmental sciencesMicky CarignanoAppointment with MickyEngineering/Health/Science
GIS and custom mappingJason GlatzAppointment with JasonResearch Services
Global and international studiesCarrie LeathermanAppointment with CarrieSocial Sciences
Graduate CollegeMichael DuffyAppointment with Mike 
Healthcare services and sciencesDianna SachsAppointment with DiannaEngineering/Health/Science
History: American and History: WorldCarrie LeathermanAppointment with CarrieSocial Sciences
History: Regional and localLynn Houghton  
Honors CollegeMichael DuffyAppointment with Mike 
Human performance and health educationBrad DennisAppointment with BradSocial Sciences
Interdisciplinary health sciences Ph.D.Dianna SachsAppointment with DiannaEngineering/Health/Science
Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in evaluationBrad DennisAppointment with BradSocial Sciences
Interior architecture and designMichael DuffyAppointment with MikeArts/Humanities
Interior designBrad DennisAppointment with BradSocial Sciences
LawLuMarie GuthAppointment with LuMarieSocial Sciences
Mathematics Curriculum, Center for the Study ofMicky CarignanoAppointment with MickyEngineering/Health/Science
ManagementLuMarie GuthAppointment with LuMarieSocial Sciences
MarketingLuMarie GuthAppointment with LuMarieSocial Sciences
Medieval studiesSusan Steuer  
Military science and leadershipLuMarie GuthAppointment with LuMarieSocial Sciences
MusicMichael DuffyAppointment with MikeArts/Humanities
NursingDianna SachsAppointment with DiannaEngineering/Health/Science
Occupational therapyDianna SachsAppointment with DiannaEngineering/Health/Science
Open educational resourcesMichele BehrAppointment with MicheleResearch Services
PhilosophyDylan McGlothlinAppointment with DylanArts/Humanities
Physical therapyDianna SachsAppointment with DiannaEngineering/Health/Science
Physician assistantDianna SachsAppointment with DiannaEngineering/Health/Science
PhysicsMicky CarignanoAppointment with MickyEngineering/Health/Science
Political scienceCarrie LeathermanAppointment with CarrieSocial Sciences
Product designMichael DuffyAppointment with MikeArts/Humanities
PsychologyCarrie LeathermanAppointment with CarrieSocial Sciences
Public affairs and administrationCarrie LeathermanAppointment with CarrieSocial Sciences
Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)Kate LanganAppointment with Kate 
Religion, comparativeDylan McGlothlinAppointment with DylanArts/Humanities
Research dataDaria OrlowskaAppointment with DariaResearch Services
Science Education, Mallinson Institute forMicky CarignanoAppointment with MickyEngineering/Health/Science
Scholarly publishingMichele BehrAppointment with MicheleResearch Services
Social workDianna SachsAppointment with DiannaEngineering/Health/Science
SociologyCarrie LeathermanAppointment with CarrieSocial Sciences
SpanishDylan McGlothlinAppointment with DylanArts/Humanities
Special collectionsSusan Steuer  
Special education and literacy studiesBrad DennisAppointment with BradSocial Sciences
Speech, language and hearing sciencesDianna SachsAppointment with DiannaEngineering/Health/Science
StatisticsMicky CarignanoAppointment with MickyEngineering/Health/Science
Teaching, learning and educational studiesBrad DennisAppointment with BradSocial Sciences
TheatreMichael DuffyAppointment with MikeArts/Humanities
World languages and literaturesDylan McGlothlinAppointment with DylanArts/Humanities
  • Abi Main, recent WMU graduate

    [LuMarie Guth] would find information about what we were looking for and then give us her input on things that she thought would be interesting to dive deeper into. It gave us like a more holistic solution.

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By liaison team

  • Arts and Humanities Liaison Team

    Mike Duffy, fine arts librarian.

    Michael Duffy

    Fine/Performing Arts: Art and art history, dance, music, theatre.

    Dylan Juhl, humanities librarian.

    Dylan McGlothlin

    Humanities: Comparative religion, communication, English, gender and women's studies, philosophy, Spanish, world languages and literatures.

  • Engineering, Health and Science Liaison Team

    Micky Carignano, natural sciences librarian.

    Micky Carignano

    College of Arts and Sciences: Biological sciences, chemistry, environmental and sustainability studies, geography, geological and environmental sciences, mathematics, physics, science education, statistics.

    Ed Eckel, engineering librarian.

    Ed Eckel

    College of Aviation and College of Engineering: Aviation management and operations, civil and construction, chemical and paper, computer science, electrical and computer, engineering design/manufacturing/management systems, engineering management, flight science, industrial and entrepreneurial, mechanical and aerospace, technical operations.

    Dianna Sachs, health and human service librarian.

    Dianna Sachs

    College of Health and Human Services: Audiology, blindness and low vision, healthcare services and sciences, interdisciplinary health, nursing, occupational therapy, orientation and mobility for children, physical therapy, physician's assistant, public health, rehabilitation counseling and teaching, social work, speech pathology and audiology, teaching children with visual impairment, vision rehabilitation therapy.

  • Research Services Liaison Team

    Michele Behr

    Open educational resources, scholarly publishing

    Amy Bocko

    Digitization, digital humanities

    Jason Glatz

    GIS, custom mapping

    Daria Orlowska

    Data management plans, research data

  • Social Sciences Liaison Team

    Brad Dennis, education and human development librarian.

    Brad Dennis

    Education and Human Development: Counselor education and counseling psychology; educational leadership, research and technology; evaluation/measurement; family and consumer sciences; human performance and health education; interdisciplinary Ph.D. in evaluation; special education and literacy studies; teaching, learning and educational studies.

    LuMarie Guth, business librarian.

    LuMarie Guth

    Business: Accountancy, business administration, business information systems, finance and commercial law, law, management, marketing, military science and leadership.

    Carrie Leatherman, social sciences librarian.

    Carrie Leatherman

    Interdisciplinary Programs and Social Sciences: Criminal justice, economics, history (not including medieval studies), intercultural and anthropological studies (including AAAS), global and international studies, race and ethnic relations, political science, psychology, public affairs and administration, sociology.