Academically Talented Youth Program

Due to the global pandemic, ATYP classes will be held virtually for the foreseeable future. While we will have limited office availability during this time, we can meet in person (by appointment only) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Virtual appointments are available on other weekdays; please contact us at or (269) 387-3553 for details. This fall’s ATYP Information Meetings will be online as well. Please return to the website in October to learn more about the program and how to qualify for 2021-22 ATYP classes.

The Academically Talented Youth Program in Western Michigan University’s Office of Precollege Programming is an advanced and accelerated educational opportunity for academically talented middle and high school students. The program is designed to provide a challenging, fast-paced and above-grade-level curriculum for motivated learners.

Through personalized and intense instruction and rigorous coursework, students are prepared for Advanced Placement content after two years of ATYP classes. The program strives to teach students based upon their intellectual capacity, not their year in school.

The program

  • Focuses on students who are highly gifted in math and/or language arts.
  • Begins to identify appropriate students during their sixth grade year.
  • Enrolls students in their seventh or eighth grade year.
  • Provides middle school students with high school curriculum at a rate and depth that meets their unique talents.
  • Allows school districts to give their most advanced students the curriculum they need, when they are ready for it, with the acceleration and intensity they require.


  • Advanced and accelerated instruction
  • High school credit
  • Intellectual challenge
  • Like-ability peers
  • Open discourse and debate
  • Study skills
  • Self-confidence

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