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    Upward Bound Kalamazoo

    Prepare for higher education through instruction in literature, composition, mathematics and science on college campuses after school, on Saturdays and during the summer.

  • Students watching a WMU admissions presentation

    Michigan GEAR UP

    Discover first-hand the potential of a college education and get exposure to the information, knowledge and skills you need to complete high school and prepare yourself adequately for college entry and success.

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    The Academically Talented Youth Program is an advanced and accelerated educational opportunity for academically talented middle and high school students providing a challenging, fast-paced and above-grade-level curriculum.

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    Upward Bound Van Buren

    Prepare for higher education through instruction in literature, composition, mathematics and science on college campuses after school, on Saturdays and during the summer.

Creating pathways for future Broncos

The Office of Precollege Programming has centralized a few key and long-standing precollege programs comprising of the Academically Talented Youth Program—ATYP, Michigan's Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs—MI GEAR UP and Upward Bound. The office provides comprehensive and inclusive youth outreach services throughout Southwest Michigan.

The office provides leadership and direction, especially in regard to minors on campus policies and procedures, for individuals, programs and units at Western Michigan University involved in outreach with precollege students while at the same time serving as a campus wide resource and area of support.

A key objective for the office is to leverage internal and external resources to maximize the engagement and enrollment of precollege students while modeling best practices in the field of college access.



  • Welcome new Pre-College and Upward Bound Staff

    We are happy to welcome Naomi (administrative assistant) and Lorena (program coordinator) to the Upward Bound staff. We are also excited to introduce you to Kala, our new administrative assistant for Pre-College Programming. Introduce yourself to them when you see them.

  • REVISED WMU 2022 Summer Camp Information for Youth

    To: Pre-College Programs at WMU

    From: Dr. Erika Carr; Dr. Chris Cheatham

    Date: 03/02/22

    Re: REVISED 2022 Summer Camp Memo: In Person Summer Camps Allowable, COVID Policy Guidance, Required Camp Registration through the Office of Pre-College Programming 

    The purpose of this memorandum is to inform all faculty and staff who conduct youth outreach programs that in-person summer camps are allowed on WMU’s campus for Summer 2022. The following is a list of policy guidance for these camps. Included in this memo are some COVID policy revisions for camps this summer.  

    1) Register your summer camp through the Office of Pre-College Programming’s website at https://wmich.edu/precollege/programregistration. All programs must review and update, as necessary, their information annually through this website.  

    2) Please also enter your summer camp information at the following site: https://wmich.edu/precollege/summer/camps. We will advertise all summer camp opportunities to the community on one web page. Once you update your summer camp information via the above link, we will update your 2022 summer camp information for the community website. The summer camp website can be found at https://wmich.edu/precollege/summer.  

    3) The submission of formal safety plans is not required this year, but programs should still document their safety policies. This includes plans involving COVID precautions.  

    4) Neither a negative test nor verification of vaccination status is required for summer camp participants. 

    5) The daily COVID screening is also no longer required, however, programs may still implement a daily health screening questionnaire if they feel that would be beneficial to their program. A formal exemption request for the questionnaire is not required. If programs do choose to implement the questionnaire, a sample daily screening form can be found on our website for your convenience: https://wmich.edu/precollege. Go to announcements on that page and click on “Pre-College Youth on Campus Spring 2022” to expand the paragraph and then click on “Sample Survey” within the text.  

    6) Summer camps are allowed in the Residence Halls. If your camp has housing needs, please contact Jeremy Ynclan, Assistant Director of Residence Life, at jeremy.ynclan@wmich.edu. Double occupancy is permitted. Participants staying overnight on campus, single or double occupancy, are no longer required to provide a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival nor verification of fully vaccinated status. However, individual programs who desire to require testing or vaccine verification can request an exception through our Office of Pre-College Programming.  Those requests will be reviewed by the Pre-College Office in conjunction with the Provost’s Office and will be decided on within two-weeks of initial submission.  

    7) Camps are required to follow the same policy for masking as the WMU campus. Currently WMU’s policy is that masks are optional outside of classrooms but required in classroom settings. After May 6, masks will be optional in classrooms as well. This will be the same for summer camps and any changes to WMU’s masking policy would apply to summer camps as well. Camps operating after May 6 would be required to maintain a mask optional policy. Any exemption requests for the WMU masking policy must be submitted to the Office of Pre-College Programming.  

    8) Please note changes in WMU policy for summer camps may occur if the State of Michigan changes its requirements and/or the University adjusts its policies; please be prepared to respond to changing protocols with COVID-19. As soon as the Pre-College Office is made aware of any changes, we will email all those registered in our pre-college database communicating the policy adjustment.  

    In addition to the above criteria for in-person summer camps for 2022, please also remember that  additional expectations for youth outreach remain in effect:

    9) Review the updated Minors on Campus Policy approved by the Board of Trustees in April 2018. The policy can be found at: https://wmich.edu/policies/minors

    10) Ensure that employees working your camps have received appropriate training, including but not limited to the Minors on Campus Policy and expectations. The Office of Pre-College Programming can assist with summer camp training needs upon request.  

    11) Complete a background check for all new staff working with minors. Additionally, you should work with the appropriate Human Resource Representative to complete background checks every three years for all returning faculty, staff, student staff, and volunteers working with youth. Note that faculty and staff with a gap in employment of 6 months or longer will need to be background checked again upon rehire, even if it is within the three years per Human Resource Policy. Please refer to section 4.5.1 of the Minors on Campus Policy to determine which individuals need a background check and how often.

    12) Complete Admissions data cards for all youth participating within the pre-college program and/or submit names to Admissions to be uploaded into the Target X Salesforce System.  

    For more information on in-person summer camps or any of the processes outlined above, please contact the Office of Pre-College Programming at 269-387-2773 or via email at erika.carr@wmich.edu. Additional information on youth outreach including sample required forms for summer camps is available on the website at: https://wmich.edu/precollege. Thank you for your time; I appreciate your continued support of pre-college youth outreach.  


    Dr. Erika Carr, Director

    Office of Pre-College Programming