Photo of Erika Carr
Director, Precollege Programming
(269) 387-3327
Photo of Alexis Arocho
Administrative Assistant, Precollege Programming
(269) 387-2773
Photo of Becky Cooper
English Coordinator, ATYP
(269) 387-3553
Photo of Carlos Daniels
Assistant Director, Upward Bound, Kalamazoo
(269) 387-3391
Photo of Gustavo Echavarria
Assistant Director, Upward Bound, Van Buren
(269) 387-3377
Photo of Tania Echavarria
Director, College Day Program
(269) 387-3339
Photo of Jacqueline Hulderman
Graduate Assistant, PreCollege Programming
(269) 387-3319
Photo of Nan Janecke
Program Coordinator, ATYP
(269) 387-3553
Photo of Keenan King
Director, Upward Bound
(269) 387-2875
Photo of Doreen Odom
Coordinator, Metro Detroit Community Outreach
(269) 599-2496
Photo of Kelly Schultz
Director, ATYP
(269) 387-3553
Photo of Leslie Strickland
Administrative Assistant, College Day Program
(269) 387-3328