Photo of Erika Carr
Director, Precollege Programming
(269) 387-3327
Administrative Assistant, Precollege Programming
(269) 387-2773
Photo of Elizabeth Carr
Instructor, Honors English 9/10
Photo of Laura Citino
Instructor, Honors English 11/12 and Year IV
Photo of Becky Cooper
English Coordinator, ATYP
(269) 387-3553
Instructor, Honors English 9/10 & Honors English 11/12
Photo of Jesseca Duffy
Coordinator, MI GEAR UP
(269) 387-3366
Photo of Gustavo Echavarria
Director, Upward Bound
(269) 387-2875
Photo of Tania Echavarria
Director, MI GEAR UP
(269) 387-3339
Photo of Monty Ernst
Instructor, Honors English 11/12
Instructor, Geometry/Precalculus
Photo of Lorena Jaimes-Salinas
Assistant Director, Upward Bound, Van Buren
(269) 387-3377
Photo of Nan Janecke
Program Coordinator, ATYP
(269) 387-3553
Instructor, Algebra I/II and Geometry/Precalculus
Instructor, Algebra I/II
Photo of Mellissa Porter
Administrative Assistant, MI GEAR UP
(269) 387-3328
Instructor, Honors English 9/10
Administrative Assistant, Upward Bound
(269) 387-3357
Photo of Kelly Schultz
Director, ATYP
(269) 387-3553