Timelines for ATYP courses

Timetables and deadlines 

  • September/October of sixth or seventh grade: Invites to ATYP information meetings
  • October/November: Informational meetings held
  • December/January: Test preview seminars available
  • January to May: Deadlines to register for NUMATS (above-grade-level testing) online
  • January, February or March: Participate in SAT or ACT Test 
  • February or April: Students receive test results from test company
  • March/April: Scores received in ATYP Office
  • Late April: Invites to qualifying students to attend second ATYP information meeting
    • If you participate in NUMATS and do not hear from us by May 1, please contact the office. We send a letter to each testing student letting them know whether or not they qualified. If you have not received a letter, it means that the office did not receive your score.
  • May: Registration forms due for coming fall classes
  • September: ATYP classes begin

ATYP accepts test scores from all testing dates; you may take the ACT or SAT during any month testing is available to qualify for ATYP.

Typical course sequence with timing


Year I

Year II

Year III

Year IV

Language Arts

English 9/10

English 11/12

AP Language and Literature

From Socrates to Smart Phones: Literature, Philosophy, Media


Algebra I/II




Typical grade

7th or 8th

8th or 9th

9th or 10th

10th, 11th or 12th