Timelines for ATYP courses

Timetables and deadlines 

  • September/October of sixth or seventh grade: Invites to ATYP information meetings
  • October/November: Informational meetings held
  • December/January: Test preview seminars available
  • January to May: Deadlines to register for NUMATS (above-grade-level testing) online
  • January, February or March: Participate in SAT or ACT Test 
  • February or April: Students receive test results from test company
  • March/April: Scores received in ATYP Office
  • Late April: Invites to qualifying students to attend second ATYP information meeting
    • If you participate in NUMATS and do not hear from us by May 1, please contact the office. We send a letter to each testing student letting them know whether or not they qualified. If you have not received a letter, it means that the office did not receive your score.
  • May: Registration forms due for coming fall classes
  • September: ATYP classes begin

ATYP accepts test scores from all testing dates; you may take the ACT or SAT during any month testing is available to qualify for ATYP. July through December tests are for qualification for the following school year.

Typical course sequence with timing


Year I

Year II

Year III

Year IV

Language Arts

English 9/10

English 11/12

AP Language and Literature

From Socrates to Smart Phones: Literature, Philosophy, Media


Algebra I/II




Typical grade

7th or 8th

8th or 9th

9th or 10th

10th, 11th or 12th