Policies, Procedures and Training for Minors on Campus Programs

The Office of Precollege Programming oversees the creation of, and the compliance to, university policies dealing with precollege youth. The University expects employees to comply with the policies and procedures developed and designed to keep precollege participants and staff safe on campus. Programs or events that involve working with minors must be registered with the Office of Precollege Programming and must follow best practices in dealing with youth. Registrations must be reviewed and updated yearly at the same website. If you have not yet updated your youth outreach program this year, please do so immediately. Step-by-step directions on what each program is required to accomplish is outlined in the annual memo regarding precollege outreach

An updated Minors on Campus Policy was approved in April of 2018. All faculty and staff working with youth must review this policy in detail.

Each program should be run by personnel trained to deal with precollege youth and knowledgeable about the policies and procedures put in place on campus. Campus personnel in charge of training staff with direct supervision of youth must attend a training session given by Precollege staff. You may sign up for training using the registration form.

Data cards must be completed for all youth participating in outreach efforts, or names and pertinent information must be uploaded to TargetX Salesforce. Submit the pertinent information to either the Office of Admissions or the Office of Precollege Programming.