Memo for Precollege Programs


To: Pre-College Programs at WMU
From: Dr. Erika Carr; Dr. Christopher Cheatham
cc: Edward Montgomery; Heather Rood; Michelle Hruska; Alexis Arocho; Carrick Craig; Jessica Swartz; Jennifer Bott, Haylee Knowles, Megan Way
Date: 09/26/19
Re: Requirements for Board approved Minors on Campus policy revisions (April 2018): Registration, training, background checks and Admissions data collection for pre-college outreach programs & events on and off campus
The purpose of this memorandum is to remind all faculty and staff who conduct youth outreach programs that they must complete the following:
  1. Review the updated Minors on Campus Policy approved by the Board of Trustees in April 2018.
  2. Register the pre-college program, event, or camp through the Office of Pre-College Programming every year. Registration allows the institution to keep an accurate record of its outreach efforts and fosters collaboration among pre-college programs. Additionally, the Office of Pre-College Programming will be able to provide all registered programs with updated information regarding policies and procedures related to minors both on and off campus. Registration is facilitated through the Office of Precollege Programming’s website.
  3. All programs must review and update their information annually through this website.
  4. Ensure that the campus personnel who train their program staff, attend the training session given by the Office of Precollege Programming. There is an upcoming training being offered October 16-17, 2019. Participants can register for the training online.
  5. Work with the appropriate Human Resource Representative to complete background checks every three years on all faculty, staff, student staff, and volunteers working with youth through their Human Resources representative. Please refer to section 4.5.1 of the Minors on Campus Policy to determine which individuals need a background check and how often. Please note that faculty and staff that have a gap in employment of 6 months or longer will need to be background checked again upon rehire even if it is within the three years per Human Resource Policy.
  6. Complete Admissions data cards for all youth participating and submit this information to the Office of Pre-College Programming to be uploaded into the Target X Salesforce System. An electronic version of the data card is available through the Pre-College Office upon request.
For more information regarding the Office of Pre-College Programming and any of these requirements, please visit the website or call (269) 387-2773. Thank you for your time, and know that we appreciate your continued support of pre-college outreach.
Dr. Erika Carr, Director
Office of Pre-College Programming