ATYP Qualification: Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about qualifying for ATYP but not sure what to do?

If you missed our fall Information Meeting and your student would like to test to see if he/she would qualify for the program, please follow these steps:

Other common questions:

When should my student test?
December through April is our preferred testing window, although we do accept scores through July. The later a student qualifies the more limited the time available for them to complete their summer homework, particularly in English.
Why do I have to test through NUMATS?
The ACT and SAT do not allow students under the age of 13 to register for their tests directly online. Not only is NUMATS convenient, but it provides you with a great deal of additional information regarding gifted and talented students in general, and about your child’s scores in particular.
Do you prefer one test over the other?
Either test is fine for ATYP admissions, however recent changes to the SAT include wordier math problems that have proven to be an issue for our test takers. If you are interested at all in qualifying for the math program, you may want to make the ACT your first choice.
Do I have to take the essay portion of the test?
What should I do to have my student prepare for the test?
Have your child take a practice test (provided by the College Board for the SAT or found online for the ACT). Taking the practice test does three things: 1) it allows the student to understand how long the test is and how fast they need to proceed to finish as much of the test as they can; 2) the student will know before they take the test that they are not going to know all of the answers, that they’re not supposed to know all of the answers, and that this is absolutely appropriate – the test was not designed for them; and 3) lets them see the types of questions that will be asked so they can adapt their thinking and challenge themselves to consider new types of material. DO NOT pay for an expensive test prep class. We want to know what your child knows, not how well he or she has been taught to take a test.
Can my 8th grader qualify for ATYP?
In general, we do not feel that beginning ATYP as a freshman is particularly beneficial to most students. However, if you have just moved into the area and have not had the chance to see if you might qualify for the program, please contact our office.
How do I register for NUMATS?
Online registration is easy. Go to: Follow these steps:
  • If this is your first time to register a student, click on "Get Started" and add your student's information. Otherwise, log in to your Toolbox account. When beginning an application for your student, click on "Register for Testing" and the "Grades 3 Through 9" button under your student's name.
  • Step 1 and 2 asks for general information about the parent and the student and asks how the student qualified. If the student received a letter from us, then he or she has qualified by his or her state achievement test scores. Check all that apply.
  • Step 3 asks you to select the ACT or SAT , your student’s grade, and if he/she needs special exceptions.
  • Step 4 asks for you to pick your school from a list. After clicking on the button, enter your school’s city and state and then select search. A list will appear at the bottom of the screen, click on your school.
    • You also need to choose your test center and date. The ACT is held at Coldwater High School (190440), Kalamazoo Christian High School (176820), Plainwell High School (188830), and WMU (020660) on February 8.
    • The SAT is held at Kalamazoo Central High School (23365), Plainwell High School (23153) and WMU (23369) on March 14. NUMATS students are separated from the older students at WMU.
    • Students do not always receive their first choice test center, so you may want to select an alternate site that is best for you. You do not need to include the essay portion of the test.
    • In order for us to receive your scores you must request that they be sent to us. Under additional score reports, add our ATYP school code: for the ACT enter 6007 or for the SAT enter 1944.
  • Step 5 asks you to confirm your registration and select if you qualify for financial aid. You must follow the steps provided by NUMATS under Financial Aid on their main webpage and upload a letter from the school, a Medicaid card, or your tax return.
  • Step 6 provides details for your review. Make changes if needed then be sure to click on "Finish and Pay" so that you can enter your credit card information (even if you qualify for financial aid, be sure to finish your application).