Learning Glass Studio

Learning Glass is a tool for recording lectures and presentations that allows you to write notes on a lightboard while facing the viewer. Discover how this technology can improve student engagement and learning.

Studio features

Video of Learning Glass Introduction
  • Learning Glass 66” lightboard on adjustable-height table
  • Neon dry erase markers
  • Dark backdrop
  • Camera to record presentation including a lavalier mic

Hours and location

Accessing the studio

When you arrive for your session, go to Classroom A (1070) on the first floor of Waldo Library for access to the Learning Glass Studio. Be sure to bring your Bronco Card with you.

During your studio time, a University Libraries staff member will be there to help you every step of the way, from set-up to recording. We’ll provide you with a file of your video after your studio session.

The Learning Glass Studio is available to all Western Michigan University faculty, instructors, staff and students.

Learning Glass tips

  • Stick to one topic.
  • Plan out your video ahead of time, so you know where to stand as you are drawing on the lightboard.
  • Wear dark, solid-colored clothes, but avoid black.
  • Don’t wear clothes that have text or logos. These will appear reversed in the video.
  • Small mistakes that can be quickly erased are okay.

Questions about the Learning Glass Studio?