Digital Images Collections

Access more than 100,000 digital images from historical photographs of Western Michigan University to illustrations of mid-18th-century dress.

African beaded necklace.African Beaded Necklace (video)

This QuickTime video features 72 separate photographs of an African beaded necklace, giving you a view of the piece from almost every angle.

Two pages from a 19th century English cookbook with hand written recipes.Beer, Food & Home Comfort: Domestic Collections

Selections of recipes and directions for brewing and cooking for the home from the 18th century through the early 20th century are in this collection. It includes both published works and original, handwritten cookbooks, mainly from Great Britain.

Hand painted pages of romantic period dress.Costume History

This collection illustrates aspects of dress from the mid-18th century to the mid-19th century. The original illustrations can be found in four books in our Special Collections.

3D installation at Holly Solomon Gallery.Instructional Image Catalog

This collection features art, architecture and other visual images for classroom use. It is restricted to WMU faculty, staff and students.

Pages from a 16th century breviary.Pages from the Past

This collection contains leaves or pages of examples of “The History of the Written Word.” It contains 149 items, including a Babylonian cuneiform tablet, leaves of handwritten manuscript codices and leaves of incunabula. The original items can be found in our Special Collections.

Downtown Kalamazoo stores and streets view from corner of Portage Street and East Michigan Avenue in 1943.Ward Morgan Photography Collection

These photographs reflect the people, industries, built environment and commercial activities of the Kalamazoo area from 1939 to 1980. This is just a selection of the nearly 27,000 original black and white photographic negatives that are available at the Zhang Legacy Collection Center.

Librarian Jean Lowrie sitting at her desk and looking at a paper circa 1964.WMU Archives Photograph Collection

This collection contains images from WMU’s history including faculty, staff, students and views of the campus from its origin to more recent times. Additional photos continue to be added and will eventually include buildings and athletics. This is just a selection of the thousands of original photos located at the Zhang Legacy Collections Center.

Postcard of boardwalk, bathers and beach of Silver Beach Amusement Park in St. Joseph, Michigan from 1909.WMU Libraries Portfolio Collection

The diverse items in this collection demonstrate the digitization capabilities at University Libraries.

Photo of French prisoners at a German prison camp in 1916.World War I POW Camp Photos

The images in this collection include a wide range of photographs, drawings, paintings, maps, and other images from Austrian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, German, and Turkish prison camps during World War I. These items illustrate the daily life of Allied war prisoners inside and outside of the camps.