Book Arts and Graphic Design Collections

Learn about the history of book arts and graphic design from papermaking and folding to typography, illustrations and bookbinding. Most of the materials in these collections can be located through Library Search.

Book cover for Leaves of Organic Verse from 1981.Ladislav R. Hanka Book Arts Archive (1975-2004)

Artist Ladislav R. Hanka, a graduate of WMU and resident of the city of Kalamazoo, is known for his drawings and etchings. Sketches, artist's proofs and numbered prints, unique hand-bound volumes of his work and correspondence are included in this archive.

Chinese painting from the Arthur M. Sackler Collection in New York and Princeton.Crimilda Pontes Graphic Arts Archive (1951-91)

Designer Crimilda Pontes spent her career at Yale University Press and the Smithsonian Institute. Materials in this archive include samples of her work and graphic arts books from her personal library on book design, art and calligraphy.

Ives Street Press Archive (1979-2001)

Barbara Cash was a printer and designer at Ives Street Press. This collection contains correspondence, designs for broadsides and books, business records of the Ives Street and Cellador Presses, and materials for Cash’s MFA thesis on fine presses in New England.

Eunice LeFevre Miniature Book CollectionEunice LeFevre Miniature Book Collection

Eunice LeFevre, a librarian in Kalamazoo, donated the core of this collection, which has grown by purchases and donations to include over 500 volumes of miniature books. It includes poetry, fairytales, education, biographies and books on the history of printing in English, French, German, Icelandic, Russian, Greek and Japanese.

A left from Greek papyrus, circa 100 BCE to 100 CE.Pages from the Past (2500 BCE-1894 CE)

Pages from the Past is a collection of manuscript and rare book leaves compiled and sold by New York book dealer Alfred W. Stites from 1964 to 1967. WMU’s collection was donated by Mrs. Donald Gilmore of Kalamazoo and comes from the first release in 1964, Set I, “The History of the Written Word” set #10 of 20. You can also view Pages from the Past online.

Item from William Rueter Aliquando Press in Toronto from 1990.Fine Press Ephemera Collection (1973-2005)

This collection contains correspondence, brochures, greeting cards, postcards, illustrated folios and more produced by or relating to Arion, Bergamot, Black Sparrow, Bloodroot, Janus, Kat Ran, Ninja, Sutton Hoo and many other American fine presses which were operating in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Two bookplates from Library of Congress.Frank Allen Bookplate Collection (1800-2000)

Frank Allen was a librarian at WMU and a collector of bookplates. Allen donated his collection, as well as supporting periodicals and books about bookplates and collecting to WMU's Special Collections.

Hugh J. Moser Graphic Design Collection (1929-90)

Hugh Moser was a graphic designer at the Upjohn Company who served as the art director in the International Advertising Division of the Upjohn Company. Books on printing management, graphic design, typography and more can be found in this collection.

Illustration from the Princess and The Peackocks book. Princess and the Peacocks Archive (1992-93)

"The Princess and the Peacocks Or, the Story of the Room" by Linda Merrill and Sarah Ridley was published in 1993. Tennesee Dixon, the illustrator, compiled this collection of photographs, drawings, paintings, proofs and reference materials used by the artist.