Transformative Agreements


We have transformative agreements with three major publishers—Wiley, Cambridge University Press and Karger Publishers—to provide financial support for Western Michigan University researchers who publish in open access journals.

Publishers charge an article processing fee (APC) to make research available through open access. These fees may discourage researchers from publishing open access. Our agreements with Wiley, Cambridge and Karger will cover the cost of the APCs for WMU researchers publishing in eligible open access journals from these publishers.

Our agreements

Our transformative agreements make publishing open access easier than ever before.

  • You don’t need to pay article processing fees—select WMU as your institution and we’ll take care of the publishing charges.
  • Your work will comply with funder mandates.
  • You retain the copyright for your work and publish it under a Creative Commons license.
  • Your work will be available for everyone to read, cite and share.

Choose from over 230 gold open access Wiley journals, 370 open access Cambridge University Press journals, or 100 open access and hybrid Karger Publishers journals.

(Adapted from MCLS practical guide to publishing open access.)



We have depleted the funding available for Wiley open access publications. Eighteen authors have received funding through the Libraries’ Wiley agreement. Get notified about additional funding opportunities by joining our email list.

Cambridge University Press

The University Libraries’ agreement with Cambridge will help cover the open access fees for WMU researchers publishing in more than 380 open access journals. Available journals focus primarily on the sciences, healthcare and the humanities.

  • Karger Publishers logo.

Karger Publishers

Western Michigan University's agreement with Karger will fully cover the APC and Authors Choice™ publication fee and all additional costs for WMU researchers publishing in more than 100 full open access and hybrid journals (subscription journals with an open access option). Available journals comprise nearly the entire medical spectrum.

Need help?

  • Questions about transformative agreements?

    Reach out to Michele Behr, scholarly communications and open educational resources Librarian.