Instruction and Outreach Directory

Photo of Mike Duffy
Fine Arts Librarian
(269) 387-5236
Photo of Micaela (Micky) Carignano
Natural Sciences Librarian
(269) 387-5971
Photo of Bradford Dennis
Education and Human Development Librarian
(269) 387-1581
Photo of Edward Eckel
Scholarly Communications, Copyright, and Licensing Librarian
(269) 387-5140
Photo of LuMarie Guth
Business Librarian
(269) 387-5153
Photo of Carrie Leatherman
Social Sciences Librarian
(269) 387-5142
Photo of Dylan McGlothlin
Humanities Librarian
(269) 387-5158
Photo of Dianna Sachs
Health and Human Services Librarian
(269) 387-5182