Computing and Printing

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University Libraries has the computing and printing services you need to get your assignments or research projects done.

Use our computers

Computer workstation in Waldo Library.Computer workstations are available for use on the first floor of Waldo Library during open hours. Western Michigan University students, faculty and staff can sign in to these computers using their Bronco NetID (BNID) and password. 

Need technical support? Ask for help at the Service Desk in the lobby. All use of library computers is subject to our Acceptable Computer Use Policy.

Reserve a computer

Plan for your library visit by reserving a computer station online for a specific day and time. You may make one reservation per day for up to four hours. We will hold reservations for only 30 minutes, so remember to check in when you arrive. 

Dual-monitor stations

At Waldo Library, there are 22 workstations with two monitors on the first floor.


You will find the following software on all of the PCs in Waldo Library. We also have six Mac computers as well as five workstations equipped with the same engineering software as the Computer Aided Engineering Center lab.

  • Assistive technology
      • Jaws
      • NVDA

    Ask a staff member at the Service Desk if you need help starting NVDA or JAWS. Headphones can be checked out at the Service Desk if you need them.

  • Browsers
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Opera
    • Respondus Lockdown Browser – Lab Edition
  • Data and statistics
    • Minitab
    • R
    • R-Studio
    • SAP
    • SAS
    • SPSS Statistics 27
  • Graphics
    • Adobe CC After Effects 2020
    • Adobe CC Dreamweaver 2020
    • Adobe CC Photoshop 2020
    • Adobe CC Illustrator 2020
  • Math, science and engineering
    • AutoDesk AutoCAD
    • Maple 2020
    • MATLAB r2020a
    • PyCharm IDE

    We also have five workstations equipped with the same engineering software as the Computer Aided Engineering Center lab.

  • Multimedia
    • Audacity
  • Office software
    • Office 2019
  • Utilities
    • Adobe Digital Editions
    • Adobe Reader
    • Adobe Pro
    • IntelliJ IDEA
    • Mendely
    • Notepad++
    • Putty
    • Python
    • Zotero

Before signing out

Before signing out of one of our computers, be sure to save your work to a flash drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or another cloud service. Any files left on a public computer are deleted when you sign out.

Charge your devices

Electrical outlets and USB plugs for charging personal devices are available throughout Waldo Library, including right on the furniture on the first floor. Various device chargers are available for check out at the Service Desk.

Connect to wi-fi

Students, faculty and staff can connect laptops or other devices to the WMU Secure Wireless network.


Print release stations on first floor of Waldo Library.Quota printing in black and white as well as color is available on the first floor of Waldo Library. If you are a WMU student, faculty member or staff member signed in to a workstation with your BNID, your document is sent to a queue when you print.

Go to any release station to release your print from the queue and print your document. Visit Lab Printing Services in Help Hub for complete details.

Wireless printing

As WMU students, faculty and staff, you can print documents from your laptop or mobile device and release the print from any print release station. See Wireless Lab Printing in Help Hub for instructions.


Documents can be scanned to your email address at any one of our print locations for free. See instructions on or near the printers for details.

Computer classrooms

Computer classrooms are not available at this time.