Computing and Printing


Student sitting at computer workstation in Waldo Library.Computer workstations

We have almost 100 computers available for use in Waldo Library during open hours. Western Michigan University students, faculty and staff can sign in to these computers using their Bronco NetID (BNID) and password. Visitors can ask for a guest login at the service desk in the first-floor lobby.

Dual monitor stations

There are a total of 55 workstations with two monitors between the first and second floors.

Testing room

The Respondus Testing Room in Waldo Library is a private space for when you need to take a quiz, test or exam using the Respondus LockDown Browser.

Before signing out

Before signing out of one of our computers, be sure to save your work to a flash drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or other cloud services. Any files left on a public computer are deleted when you sign out.


The PC workstations in Waldo Library offer a variety of software applications. We also have:

  • Five Mac computers on the lower level.
  • Five PCs on the second floor and nine PCs in Room 0152 on the lower level equipped with the same engineering software as the Computer Aided Engineering Center and ArcMap, a mapping and geospatial analysis tool.
  • Two PCs on the second floor with NVivo data analysis software—LIB-WAL-2-10 and LIB-WAL-2-11.
  • Two PCs on the third floor in the Graduate Student Commons with ArcGIS Pro, a suite of geospatial processing programs—LIB-WAL-3-GRAD5 and LIB-WAL-3-GRAD6.

Ask a staff member at our service desk if you need help finding a computer with specific software.

Charging, wifi, scanning

  • Charge your devices

    Electrical outlets and USB plugs for charging personal devices are available throughout Waldo Library, including right on the furniture on the first floor. Various device chargers can be checked out at the service desk.

    Equipment library

  • Connect to Wi-Fi

    Students, faculty and staff can connect laptops or other devices to the WMU Secure Wireless network. There are no public wired connections or Ethernet ports to the network in the library.

    Wireless network

  • Scan documents

    Documents can be scanned for free at any of Waldo Library's seven scanning stations: two on the first floor and five on the lower level at the Mac computers. See instructions near the stations for how to scan documents.


Print release stations

Student leaving print release station to pick up pages at printer.Quota printing in black and white as well as color is available in Waldo Library. If you are a Western student, faculty member or staff member signed in to a workstation with your BNID, your document is sent to a queue when you print. Go to any release station to release your print from the queue and print your document.

Western graduate students may also use the print release station inside the Graduate Student Commons on the third floor of Waldo Library.

See Campus Printing Services to learn more.

Onsite printing is not available for guests, alumni, or retirees. Emeriti receive a limited number of print credits each semester that can be used to print at release stations within Waldo Library as long as their Bronco NetID and password remain active.

Wireless printing

As Western students, faculty and staff, you can print documents from your laptop or mobile device and release the print from any print release station. See Wireless Lab Printing for instructions.


Black and white copiers can be found on the first, second and third floors of Waldo Library. A color copier is located on the first floor.

Cost of self-service copies (per side)

Size/TypeBlack & White CopiesColor Copies
8-1/2 x 11$0.10$0.50
8-1/2 x 14$0.10$0.50 (one side only)
11 X 17$0.20Not available
TransparenciesNot availableNot available

The Zhang Legacy Collections Center also has a black and white copier that you can use with help from an employee. The cost is $0.20 per side.

Microform scanning

You can use microform scanners to read microfilm, microfiche and other microformats. You can also print from the computer attached to the scanner just like other public computers in the Libraries.

There is a microform scanner on the second floor of Waldo Library outside Room 2040 and two scanners at the Zhang Legacy Collections Center.

Need technical support?

  • Need technical support? Ask for help with the computers and printers in Waldo Library at the service desk in the lobby.