Graduate Student Commons

The Graduate Student Commons at Waldo Library is available to graduate students enrolled at Western Michigan University.

The print release station inside the Graduate Student Commons is available again. You can also find print release stations on the first and second floors of Waldo Library.


  • Private, individual study areas for intensive work.
  • Four open study rooms for collaboration and group work—available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Comfortable seating and flexible workspaces.
  • Advanced computer stations with data analysis and statistical software, the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications and a variety of other available software. Two of the workstations are also equipped with ArcGIS, a suite of geospatial processing programs—LIB-WAL-3-GRAD5 and LIB-WAL-3-GRAD6.
  • Color and black and white printing.
  • Color and black and white photocopying.


The Graduate Student Commons is located on the third floor of Waldo Library in Room 3028. You must be a graduate student enrolled at WMU to use the Commons. A valid Bronco Card is required to enter the space.