Seed Library

We provide our community with free vegetable, flower and herb seeds to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and well-being. University Libraries is a member of the Michigan Seed Library Network.

General information

  • Anyone who visits Waldo Library is welcome to use the Seed Library. You can stop by anytime the library is open.

  • You can find the seeds in a cabinet on the first floor of Waldo Libary. Turn right at the main lobby.

  • Take what you will plant only and no more than five packets at a time. We want to share with as many people as possible.

About the Seed Library

Seed libraries are a way for aspiring and experienced gardeners to share free seeds and knowledge. Our Seed Library provides free open-pollinated, heirloom and native seeds to the Western and Kalamazoo communities to:

  • Promote sustainable agriculture.
  • Improve access to high-quality food.
  • Expand pollinator habitats.
  • Preserve heritage seeds.
  • Educate communities about seed saving, sharing and growing their own food.

We keep seeds for three years. Seeds older than this will be moved to a basket to the side with a warning note about low germination rate.

All seed packets are marked clearly with the date the seeds were collected.

  • Hand holding up a seed packet next the Seed Library cabinet.

Save and return your seeds

  • Seed libraries survive only if their members save seeds from the plants they grow. Please save and return your seeds so we have more to share next year.

Need help?

  • Need help getting started?

    Check out our resource guide for help starting your seeds and growing your own garden.

  • Questions about the Seed Library?

    Reach out to Associate Dean Mary O'Kelly and get answers to your questions about the Seed Library.