Carol Ann Haenicke Women’s Poetry Collection

American Women’s Poetry is a research and teaching collection and includes historical examples of books by and for women, artists’ books created by women and collections of poetry by American women. The materials highlighted below are a small part of our Women's Poetry Collection. These items and many more can be located through Library Search.


  • American Women's Poetry Miscellaneous Correspondence and Ephemera Collection (1865-2002)

    Assortment of correspondence and ephemera associated with American women poets and other authors and artists from the 19th and 20th centuries.

    American Women's Poetry Correspondence and Ephemera Collection

  • Carol Bergé-Judson Crews Correspondence Collection (1978-87)

    Correspondence between American poets Carol Bergé and Judson Crews. Also includes a few pieces of correspondence between Bergé and Crews and other artists, editors, publishers, friends, etc.

    Bergé-Crews Correspondence Collection

  • Besmilr Brigham-Will Inman Correspondence Collection (1971-78)

    Correspondence between Besmilr Brigham and William Inman from 1977-78. Also includes typescripts of two Brigham poetry collections, short stories, photographs of the poet and two resumes of Brigham.

    Brigham-Inman Correspondence Collection

  • Howard Hilles-Corinne Roosevelt Robinson Correspondence Collection (1913-38)

    Letters between poet Howard Hilles and the poet and younger sister of President Theodore Roosevelt, Corinne Roosevelt Robinson, as well as poems and photographs.

    Hilles-Robinson Correspondence Collection

  • Denise Levertov-Alan Helms Correspondence Collection (1974-97)

    Postcards and letters between the poet Denise Levertov and Alan Helms as well as a 1985 legal document signed by Levertov, which lists Helms as a co-trustee of the Denise Levertov Trust.

    Levertov-Helms Correspondence Collection

  • Judith Moffett Literary Correspondence Collection (1964-99)

    Correspondence received by Dr. Judith Moffett from other poets and writers, including over 400 letters, notes, postcards and cards.

    Moffett Literary Correspondence Collection

  • May Sarton Archive

    Typescripts, manuscript proofs and correspondence relating to publications of American poet May Sarton (1912-95).

  • David Small and Sarah Stewart Archive

    Journals, sketches, correspondence, drafts, unpublished works, poetry and original artwork that document the work and daily life of these internationally-recognized, Michigan-based authors.

  • Ted Wilentz, Diane di Prima and Barbara Guest Correspondence Collection (1967-91)

    Correspondence between book publisher Ted Wilentz and poets Diane di Prima and Barbara Guest.

    Wilentz-di Prima-Guest Correspondence Collection

Artist's Books

  • Artist's books

    Artist's books combine texts and art in a way that enhances both the words and the image and structure. WMU's collection of artist's books largely focuses on American women's poetry and can be used in conjunction with other parts of our Special Collections, like pop-up and moveable books, to explore the possibilities of book construction.

Collection history

The Carol Ann Haenicke Collection of American Women's Poetry was dedicated on October 28, 1993. It was named for Mrs. Haenicke, a librarian and wife of former Western Michigan University president Dr. Diether Haenicke. The collection’s core is a purchase of selected printed volumes from Dr. Harrison Hayford of Northwestern University with the help of Dr. Katherine Joslin of WMU's English Department.

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