Photocopy, Microprint and Document Scanning Request


  • Photocopies: $0.20 each (8x11 or 11x14), $0.40 each (11x17), $.50 each color
  • Microprints: $0.20 each
  • Scanning:  $0.20 each (8x11 or 11x14), $0.40 each (11x17)

There is an additional charge for postage.


  • Requests of less than 25 pages can usually be completed while the patron waits.
  • Large or complicated requests may take up to one week or more to complete. The patron will be notified when the order is finished. Large orders must be prepaid.
  • Photocopied and scanned material can be picked up or mailed at the patron’s expense. The Archives is not responsible for materials not picked up after 5 days.
  • Scanned material will be placed on a flash drive supplied by the requestor. The Archives does not sell flash drives.

For questions about photocopy, microprint or document scanning requests, please contact Archives and Regional History Collections at (269) 387-8490 or (269) 387-8497.