Photocopy, Microprint and Document Scanning Request


  • Photocopies: $0.20 each (8x11 or 11x14), $0.40 each (11x17), $.50 each color
  • Microprints: $0.20 each
  • Scanning:  $0.20 each (8x11 or 11x14), $0.40 each (11x17)

There is an additional charge for postage.


  • Requests of less than 25 pages can usually be completed while the patron waits.
  • Large or complicated requests may take up to one week or more to complete. The patron will be notified when the order is finished. Large orders must be prepaid.
  • Photocopied material can be picked up or mailed at the patron’s expense. We are not responsible for materials not picked up after 5 days.
  • Scanned material will be sent directly to the requestor's email address.

For questions about photocopy, microprint or document scanning requests, please contact the Zhang Legacy Collections Center at (269) 387-8490.