Photo of Julie Garrison
Dean of University Libraries
Photo of Sara Volmering
Executive Assistant to the Dean
(269) 387-5202
Photo of Anne-Marie Adams
Coordinator, Cataloging
(269) 387-0691
Photo of Michele Behr
Blindness and Low Vision Studies; Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology; Educational Leadership, Research, and Technology; Family and Consumer Sciences; Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.; Ph.D. in Evaluation; and Education Librarian
(269) 387-5611
Photo of Judy Belland
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5237
Photo of Amy Bocko
Digital Projects Librarian
(269) 387-5150
Photo of Eric Bowler
Manager Facilities and Stacks
(269) 387-5200
Photo of Angela Brcka
Web Developer Content Strategist
(269) 387-0692
Photo of Megan Brown
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5208
Photo of Maira Bundza
ScholarWorks Librarian
(269) 387-5207
Photo of Sharon Carlson
History Librarian (University, Local, Regional)
(269) 387-8490
Coordinator, Cataloging
(269) 387-5164
Metadata Digital Resource Specialist
(269) 387-5160
Photo of Barbara Cockrell
Collections Strategist Librarian
(269) 387-5143
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5156
Photo of Alex Dark
Network Administrator Senior
(269) 387-5218
Photo of Bradford Dennis
K-12 Education; Human Performance & Health Education; Special Education Literacy Studies; and Teaching, Learning & Educational Studies Librarian
(269) 387-1581
Photo of Petronia Douglas
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5884
Photo of Mike Duffy
Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre Librarian
(269) 387-5236
Finance Assistant Sr
(269) 387-5603
Photo of Edward Eckel
Aviation, Computer Science and Engineering Librarian
(269) 387-5140
Photo of Juliana Espinosa
Honors College Liaison and Librarian in Residence for Engagement and Inclusion
(269) 387-5971
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5232
Photo of Paul Gallagher
Associate Dean for Resources and Digital Strategies
(269) 387-5205
Photo of Randle Gedeon
Monographic Acquisitions, Processing, and Gifts Librarian
(269) 387-5227
Photo of Jason Glatz
Maps Specialist
(269) 387-5047
Photo of Emily Gross
Integrated Library Systems Specialist
(269) 387-5165
Photo of LuMarie Guth
Accountancy, Business, Finance and Commercial Law, Law, Management, Marketing, and Military Science Librarian
(269) 387-5153
Photo of Renae Hatton
Budget Analyst Sr
(269) 387-5204
Photo of Julie Hayward
Program Manager, User Services
(269) 387-5173
Photo of Paul Heintz
Electronic Resources Acquisitions Specialist
(269) 387-5168
Photo of Khanh Hoang
Administrative Assistant, Zhang Legacy Collections Center
(269) 387-8492
Graduate Assistant, ScholarWorks
(269) 387-5215
Photo of Lynn Houghton
Regional History Collections Curator
(269) 387-8491
Photo of Betty Hughes
Cataloging Assistant
(269) 387-0394
Coordinator, Archival Storage
(269) 387-8499
Photo of Lori Kison
Coordinator, Special Collections
(269) 387-5240
Photo of Kathleen Langan
Comparative Religion; CELCIS; English; Philosophy; World Languages, Literatures and Linguistics; and Humanities Librarian
(269) 387-5823
Photo of Carrie Leatherman
Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Geography, Geological and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Public Affairs and Administration, Science Education, and Statistics Librarian
(269) 387-5142
Client Support Specialist
(269) 387-5159
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5170
Photo of Tom Malcolm
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5325
Photo of David McKee (on leave)
Associate Professor of University Libraries
(269) 387-5892
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5167
Photo of Cecelia Moore
Coordinator, Digitization Projects
(269) 387-4776
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5147
Photo of Lou Morgan
Marketing Specialist Senior
(269) 387-5230
Photo of Joan Morin
Business Manager
(269) 387-5203
Photo of Mark Naesset
Coordinator, Serial Holdings
(269) 387-5148
Photo of Patrick Northrop
Cataloging Assistant
(269) 387-5163
Photo of Mary O'Kelly
Associate Dean for Education and User Services
(269) 387- 5239
Photo of Daria Orlowska
Data Librarian
(269) 387-5149
Photo of Maria Perez-Stable
Africana Studies/African American Studies, Children's and Young Adult Literature, Gender and Women's Studies, Global and International Studies, History, Political Science, and Spanish Librarian
(269) 387-5322
Photo of Denean Pomeroy
Administrative Assistant II
(269) 387-5228
Electronic Resources Librarian
(269) 387-5196
Photo of Scott Russell
Director, IT Services
(269) 387-5158
Photo of Dianna Sachs
Interdisciplinary Health Programs (except PhD); Nursing; Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; Physician Assistant; Social Work; Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences; and Librarian for Undergraduate Learning
(269) 387-5182
User Services Librarian
(269) 387-5881
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5883
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5882
Manager, User Services
(269) 387-5184
Photo of Susan Steuer
Medieval Studies, Special Collections and Rare Books Librarian
(269) 387-5250
Photo of Terri Stowers
Purchasing Assistant
(269) 387-5206
Photo of Marianne Swierenga
Cataloging and Metadata Librarian
(269) 387-4112
Coordinator, Cataloging
(269) 387-0690
Photo of Patricia Vander Meer
Anthropology, Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, Psychology, and Sociology Librarian
(269) 387-5191
Photo of John Winchell
Archives Curator
(269) 387-8485
Electronic Resource Specialist
(269) 387-5219
Photo of Roy Zimmer
Systems Programmer
(269) 387-3885