Photo of Julie Garrison
Dean of University Libraries
Photo of Sara Volmering
Executive Assistant to the Dean
(269) 387-5202
Photo of Michele Behr
Counselor Education/Counseling Psychology, Educational Leadership/Research/Technology, Family/Consumer Sciences, Human Performance/Health Education, Ph.D. in Evaluation, Special Education, Teaching/Learning/Educational Studies, and Education Librarian
(269) 387-5611
Photo of Judy Belland
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5237
Photo of Amy Bocko
Digital Projects Librarian
(269) 387-5150
Photo of Eric Bowler
Manager Facilities and Stacks
(269) 387-5200
Photo of Angela Brcka
Web Developer Content Strategist
(269) 387-0692
Photo of Megan Brown
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5208
Coordinator, Cataloging
(269) 387-5164
Photo of Stephanie Chapman
Metadata Digital Resource Specialist
(269) 387-5162
Photo of Alex Dark
Network Administrator Senior
(269) 387-5218
Photo of Bradford Dennis
African American and African Studies, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Global and International Studies, History, Political Science, Public Affairs and Administration, Sociology, and Social Sciences Librarian
(269) 387-1581
Photo of Petronia Douglas
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5884
Photo of Mike Duffy
Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre Librarian; Honors College Liaison
(269) 387-5236
Photo of Edward Eckel
Aviation, Computer Science and Engineering Librarian
(269) 387-5140
Photo of Juliana Espinosa
User Engagement Librarian
(269) 387-5971
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5232
Photo of Paul Gallagher
Associate Dean for Resources and Digital Strategies
(269) 387-5205
Photo of Randle Gedeon
Monographic Acquisitions, Processing, and Gifts Librarian
(269) 387-5227
Photo of Jason Glatz
Maps Specialist
(269) 387-5047
Photo of Emily Gross
Integrated Library Systems Specialist
(269) 387-5165
Photo of LuMarie Guth
Accountancy, Business, Finance and Commercial Law, Law, Management, Marketing, and Military Science Librarian
(269) 387-5153
Photo of Renae Hatton
Budget Analyst Sr
(269) 387-5204
Photo of Julie Hayward
Program Manager, User Services
(269) 387-5173
Photo of Paul Heintz
Electronic Resources Acquisitions Specialist
(269) 387-5168
Photo of Lynn Houghton
Regional History Collections Curator
(269) 387-8491
Photo of Lori Kison
Coordinator, Special Collections
(269) 387-5240
Photo of Kathleen Langan
Children's and Young Adult Literature; CELCIS; Comparative Religion; English; Gender and Women's Studies; Philosophy; Spanish; World Languages, Literatures and Linguistics; and Humanities Librarian
(269) 387-5823
Photo of Carrie Leatherman
Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Geography, Geological and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and Statistics Librarian
(269) 387-5142
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5170
Photo of Tom Malcolm
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5325
Photo of Beth Martin
OER Librarian
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5167
Photo of Cecelia Moore
Coordinator, Digitization Projects
(269) 387-4776
Photo of Joan Morin
Business Manager
(269) 387-5203
Photo of Mary O'Kelly
Associate Dean for Education and User Services
(269) 387- 5239
Photo of Daria Orlowska
Data Librarian
(269) 387-5149
Electronic Resources Librarian
(269) 387-5196
Photo of Dianna Sachs
Blindness & Low Vision Studies; Healthcare Services and Sciences (except PhD); Nursing; Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; Physician Assistant; Social Work; and Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Librarian
(269) 387-5182
User Services Librarian
(269) 387-5881
Coordinator, User Services
(269) 387-5882
Manager, Zhang Storage
(269) 387-8496
Photo of Susan Steuer
Medieval Studies, Special Collections and Rare Books Librarian
(269) 387-5250
Photo of Terri Stowers
Purchasing Assistant
(269) 387-5206
Photo of Marianne Swierenga
Cataloging and Metadata Librarian
(269) 387-4112
Photo of Alex Teal
Emerging Technology Specialist
(269) 387-5159
Coordinator, Cataloging
(269) 387-0690
Photo of John Winchell
Archives Curator
(269) 387-8485
Electronic Resources Specialist
(269) 387-5219