Library Engagement

University Libraries develops engagement programming that connects students to library resources, services and spaces to enhance their experience on campus by fostering confidence and building community.


  • Academic Adulting

    This workshop series introduces undergraduate students to skills and tools to save them time and stress when working on assignments.

    Academic Adulting workshops

  • The Amazing Library Race

    This activity helps students explore Waldo Library and learn about our resources by working as a team to find items on a list.

  • Destress From the Tests

    These study break sessions are a way for students to give their brains a rest and process what they've learned.

    Destress sessions

  • Study Communities

    These meetups provide an opportunity for students to come together with other students in an academic area and study together.

Campus partners

We partner with other departments on campus to develop and deliver programs. Some of these campus partners include:

  • For many of the students, the Amazing Library Race was the most engaged I've seen them in several weeks of this program. Some of my personal favorite moments were observing the students marvel at how large the library is, or at some of the specific features like the VR Lab, comfy furniture, massage chairs, or the size of the print collection. These students now have a much better understanding of what an academic library offers.

    John Kreider, Upward Bound English teacher

Need help?

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Connect with engagement librarian Kate Langan. Kate leads our engagement programming and has been with WMU Libraries since 2009.