Acceptable Computer Use Policy

Access to Western Michigan University Libraries computing resources is a privilege, not a right, and is granted with restrictions and responsibilities for use. The University Libraries’ public computer equipment is provided to enable patrons to access collections, information resources and services in support of education and research needs. University Libraries patrons must comply with the following rules as well as with all WMU computing policies and local, state and federal laws.

  • First priority for use of computers is accorded to WMU students, faculty and staff.
  • The University Libraries reserves the right to regulate computer use, such as setting time limits or limiting guest logins.
  • Due to the public nature of the University Libraries, individuals should demonstrate respect for other individuals’ rights to privacy and freedom from intimidation or harassment. Patrons should be sensitive to the fact that some on-screen images, sounds or messages create an atmosphere of intimidation or harassment for others. The University Libraries may take steps to maintain an environment conducive to study and research.
  • Users may not unplug any University Libraries’ equipment or cables for any reason. Use of personal equipment, such as extension cords, adaptors or power cords, must not pose a safety hazard for others.
  • Public computers are to be used in the condition provided. As such, patrons may not attempt to alter the hardware or software configuration of any public computer. Patrons are not allowed to boot public computers from alternate media, remove peripheral equipment or install or uninstall software.
Effective date of current versionMay 9, 2018 
Date first adoptedMay 9, 2018
Revision historyMay 9, 2018 - created