We are in mourning with MSU community

My fellow Broncos, today we are in mourning with the Michigan State University community following shootings that took three lives and critically injured five other people Monday evening in East Lansing. Though words feel insufficient in the face of the pain, grief and shock the Spartan family is experiencing in the aftermath of these horrific events, we offer condolences and deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones or have been affected by this senseless tragedy. 
Many of us have colleagues, children, other family members and friends at MSU, and we are in despair of last night’s violence and loss of life. None of us should have to live in fear of these types of incidents. At a time like this, we must lean on each other as well as on professional support services as needed. It’s OK to not be OK and to seek help. Over the days ahead as we process and try to make sense of what happened, continue to check on each other.  
WMU resources: Counseling is available to any student through the Sindecuse Health Center. Visit the counseling center's webpage for walk-in hours or call (269) 387-1850 for an appointment. Students can also use our 24/7 teletherapy and crisis response resource through Uwill. Help is likewise available to faculty and staff through the University’s Employee Assistance Program.   

Please also review quick links with information on the WMU Alert emergency notification system and other resources available to the campus community.
Edward Montgomery 

Published: Feb. 14, 2023