January 2020 Appreciation

Candace Faistenhammer Bracey and Nathifa Davis Sligh stepped up when the TRiO SSP director resigned . They both jumped in to learn many areas outside of their previous job scope. Working to meet with various staff around campus and within the DoE. Recently the grant APR was submitted early. Also, while in this transition students were taken care of.

Their commitment and positive attitude throughout all this was wonderful and appreciated.

Posted By: Randy Ott

I would like to offer appreciation for Sandra Kelly from the Office of Information Technology. Sandra and her counterparts in Payroll worked three days over closure to a) complete an important tax upgrade so that year end W-2 Wage and Tax Statements would be available to ALL WMU employees before the end of the calendar year (to help employees avoid tax fraud), and b) complete the last payroll of the year so that paychecks would be direct deposited into semi-monthly employee bank accounts by Friday, January 3, 2020. Thank you Sandra for your dedication to your job and the employees of WMU!

Posted By: Tom Wolf

Dorilee Crown goes above and beyond her duties as administrative assistant in the biology department. She is efficient, knowledgeable and organized. She is outstanding.

Posted By: Tiffany Schriever

Dorilee Crown is our senior office administrator for Biological Sciences.  She began in this position last year and has been a wonderful addition to the department. She has brought a lot of new ideas and initiatives to the department and it is always a pleasure to interact with her.  For example, she has been reworking our department website to increase our marketability and web presence, and specifically she has helped me to update the graduate programs websites.  She has also been instrumental in helping our department form an advisory board of alumni and community members.  Dorilee is incredibly resourceful and makes a lot of things "just work" for the faculty and students in the department.  It's great to have Dorilee as a resource.

Posted By: Kathryn Docherty

Mrs. Linda Hanson, first year faculty specialist in the Chemistry Department.  She is truly a student-centered teacher who gives her all.  The Learning Assistants assigned to Linda absolutely love working with her!  She also has the most impressive e-Learning site that I've ever seen, chock full of resources for her students to find success.

Posted By: Katie Easley

Mandy Cox, academic advisor in College of Health and Human Services Mandy is a superb hands on advisor. I have worked with her for several years helping students smoothly transition from community college to WMU. Mandy always goes out of her way to communicate timely and accurately with students, even those that want to point fingers and blame us. She is a great co-worker (even from afar) and truly has the best interest of every student in mind.

Posted By: Kristin Hrynczuk

Dorilee has been a pleasure to work with since she joined our department just over a year ago. She's always willing to work with faculty and staff to find solutions, she's making improvements to our website to allow others to learn the amazing graduate students we have in our program, and she's working to develop giving to our program as well. She's an asset to our department and the university!

Posted By: Sharon Gill

I would like to appreciate Svetlana Stone for her efforts to help us how to apply for OPT and how to find a job, her presentation was really great and helpful.

So Thank You very much

Posted By: Hussein Mohammad

Jacmausz Juraudakarr. Jacmausz works in Wood Hall. Rain or shine, Jacmausz is always working hard and making sure our facilities shine. Every interaction I've had with him has been pleasant. He is kind, thoughtful, and always takes the time to say hello. Let's appreciate Jacmausz!

Posted By: Juan Antonio Lopez