Michigan Licensure

Department of Psychology students at Western Michigan University may wish to qualify for a limited license to practice as a psychologist in the State of Michigan.


The General Rules of the Board of Psychology of Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulation lists the following requirements for a Rule 7 limited license at the masters level.

One course in assessment

Qualifying courses include:

One course in treatment

Qualifying courses include:

  • PSY 661 Psychotherapy: Theory and Methods (recommended)
  • PSY 662 Group Therapy
  • PSY 663 Marital Therapy
  • PSY 664 Behavior Therapy
  • PSY 666 Family Therapy
  • PSY 669 Child Behavior Therapy

A 500 hour practicum under the supervision of a licensed psychologist

This practicum must be an integrated part of the master’s degree program.

2000 Hours of supervised post masters experience

  • The experience shall be accumulated at not less than 16 hours per week nor more than 40 hours per week.
  • The applicant shall function as a psychologist using generally accepted applications of psychological knowledge and techniques acquires during the applicant’s education and training.
  • The experience shall be obtained in an organized health care setting, or other arrangement receiving approval by the board.
  • The applicant shall be supervised by a psychologist who is licensed in Michigan.