CPT Drew Russell Memorial Scholarship Application

Captain Drew Russell Memorial Scholarship
  • Required for application:
    - 3.25 cumulative GPA
    - Essay
  • Extra consideration given to:
    - ROTC RSO members
    - Current or prior service
1. CPT Russel was a very good student.  Academics were very important to him. Therefore, the scholarship should only be awarded to a cadet with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or above.
2.  Drew supported ROTC extra-curricular activities so club membership in any of the current ROTC sponsored clubs or teams for at least one semester or season is important.
3.  Applicants must demonstrate their desire to become an Army Officer through the submission of an essay entitled Why I Want to Be an Army Officer.  The length and format of the essay is the discretion of the Professor of Military Science.
4. According to Drew’s Father, Drew loved his NCOs.  As such the priority for consideration in awarding the scholarship should be as follows: (but any contracted cadet can apply)
          1.  Former active duty NCO (Corporal or above)
          2.  Guard or Reserve NCO (Corporal or above)
          3.  Former active duty Specialist or below
          4.  Guard or Reserve Specialist or below
(must have participated in a club and membership will be verified)
(no minimum word count)