Graduate Certificate in College Science Teaching

The WMU College Science Teaching Certificate is designed for individuals who wish to improve as instructors of science in a college setting.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy offered by the Mallinson Institute for Science Education at Western Michigan University is for those with a science or science education background who wish to pursue careers as college or university science teachers, science education researchers, informal science educators, science teacher educators, curriculum specialists, high school science department chairs, or professionals in government agencies or school districts.

The Mallinson Institute for Science Education (MISE) offers 6 PhD programs in Science Education. Each of these programs has a shared set of requirements that are common to all of the PhD programs. All programs can be completed 1) completely in person, 2) partially in-person and partially online, or 3) completely online. 

For the most recent program information please see the 2023 MISE Ph.D. in Science Education brochure.

MISE graduate student achievement awards

We are proud to present the institute's graduate student award winners for excellence in teaching and research.

MISE courses

The Mallinson Institute offers a number of undergraduate and graduate course offerings.

Global engagement

Find out how you can become globally engaged!