Photo of Charles Henderson
Director of the Mallinson Institute for Science Education
(269) 387-4951
Photo of Dawn Marquardt
Administrative Assistant II
(269) 387-5398
Photo of Betty Adams
Senior Lab Supervisor and Affiliate Faculty
(269) 387-2715
Photo of Amy Bentz
Faculty Specialist, Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies
(269) 387-3491
Photo of William  Cobern
University Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences and Science Education
(269) 387-5407
Photo of Marcia  Fetters
Associate Professor of Science Education
(269) 387-2963
Photo of Megan Grunert Kowalske
Associate Professor of Chemistry
(269) 387-2851
Photo of Heather Petcovic
Professor of Geological Sciences
(269) 387-5380
Photo of Brandy Ann-Skjold Pleasants
Faculty Specialist II for Laboratory Instruction
(269) 387-3336
Photo of David Rudge
Professor of Biological Sciences and of Science Education
(269) 387-2779
Photo of David Schuster
Associate Professor of Physics
(269) 387-5844
Photo of Joseph Stoltman
University Distinguished Professor of Geography and Science Education
(269) 387-3407
Photo of Cody Williams
Director of SAMPI
(269) 387-2417