Concurrent enrollment program

Master's in a science discipline—Doctorate in science education

WMU offers a special program for those wishing to become college teachers of science or researchers regarding the learning of science. These people typically need a science background at the master's degree level and then a doctoral degree that focuses on the teaching and learning of science. If you are interested in earning a master's degree in a science discipline while working toward a Ph.D. in science education, we strongly urge you to contact the director by email or phone.

In brief, the admission process begins with a prospective student completing an application to the science department of interest (biology, chemistry, geography, geology, or physics) and sending a copy of that application to the Director of the Mallinson Institute for Science Education. Note on the application that concurrent enrollment is being sought.

The institute has financial support for selected students who are admitted to the M.S./Ph.D. or M.A./Ph.D. program. Support is based on participation in supervised science teaching experiences at the college level. The teaching experience serves the dual purpose of helping to financially support students while providing them with opportunities to gain experience as a college teacher of science and to improve their teaching skills.

Doctoral dissertation research for this program can focus either on teaching science at the college level or on the learning of science. Dissertation topics are chosen so that the student's research improves the student's later career opportunities.