We are pleased to present the winners of the Distinguished Alumni Achievement award from the Mallinson Institute for Science Education at Western Michigan University.

MISE Alumni Achievement Award recipients

2018–Kathy Mirakovits (with Dr. Charles Henderson and Dr. Heather Petcovic)

2017–Dr. Steven Brewer (with Dr. David Rudge and Dr. Charles Henderson)

2016–Dr. Rosario Cañizales Rodriguez

2015–Valerie Long (with Dr. Bill Cobern)

Photo of Dr. Bill Cobern and Valerie Long

2014–Dr. Eric Howe (with Dr. David Rudge and Dr. Bill Cobern)
Photo of Dr. David Rudge, Dr. Eric Howe, and Dr. Bill Cobern

2013–Mary Burke (with Dr. Bill Cobern and Dr. Jackie Mallinson)
Photo of Dr. Bill Cobern, Mary Burke, and Dr. Jackie Mallinson

2012–Dr. Drew Isola

2011–Mary Lindow

2010–Dr. Eric Schreur

2009–Dr. Sam Yoveff

2007–Dr. Ben Smith

2006–Dr. Thomas E. Van Koevering

2005–Dr. Charles E. Townsend

2004–Dr. Robert Poel

2003–Dr. Janet Vail