Lab start dates for Spring 2020

       COURSE #            Course Title                                    Week of
BIOS 1100      Biological Sciences Laboratory                 Jan 13
         BIOS 1610       Molecular and Cellular Biology                 Jan 13
         BIOS 1620       Ecology and Evolution                                Jan 13
         BIOS 1910      
Intro to Human Biology and Anatomy   Jan 06
         BIOS 2110       Human Anatomy                                      Jan 13
         BIOS 2320       Microbio and Infect Diseases                  Jan 13
         BIOS 2400       Human Physiology                                    Jan 20
         BIOS 2500       General Genetics                                      Jan 06
         BIOS 3120       Microbiology                                          Jan 09
         BIOS 3190       Plant Physiology                                     Jan 07
         BIOS 3500       Human Physiology Major                        Jan 13
         BIOS 5260       Molecular Biology Lab                           Jan 07


2019 Biological Sciences Newsletter is available.

Spring 2020 Seminar Series schedule

Dr. Joseph Engemann passes away.

Our department

Western Michigan University embraces collaboration and leverages resources to offer academic programs that are responsive to the needs of all students and society. In the Department of Biological Sciences undergraduates, graduate students and faculty collaborate on real-world applications through laboratory research, publications and fieldwork.  Here is the Biological Sciences information from the 2018-19 Post-graduate Activity Report. The full report can be found here.

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Explore the world of biology through our seminar series each semester. The seminars are presentations of current biological research by current WMU faculty or faculty from other universities.

Faculty grant

Student awards

Congratulations to our students for a great turnout at the Michigan Branch American Society for Microbiology spring meeting. Awards received:

  • Best oral presentation award: Tetiana Petrachkova

Undergraduate research opportunities

Set on 661 acres in Southwest Michigan, Pierce Cedar Creek Institute provides visitors with an exposure to a blend of diverse habitats including wetlands, forests, marshes, streams, lakes and prairies, and more than seven miles of nature trails. The institute is open to the public year-round, free of charge.

Get a glimpse of the biological sciences program

Nicole Carpp talks about life in the biological sciences program. View this two-minute video to get a glimpse of this program.

Presentation opportunities for students

Students have the opportunity to attend conferences and present their research.

Past presentations by faculty and students.

Academic support

Student Success Services in the College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University provides academic support programs and connects you to resources you may need to achieve your academic and personal goals.

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