Wetland Ecology

Wetland Ecology Field Experience

Dr. Tiffany Schriever takes students out to the Kalamazoo River to gain hands-on field experience. 


 Photo 1: Ben Eiler (undergraduate field assistant in Schriever lab, person without waders) and students in Wetland Ecology (BIOS 5515) taking water quality measurements.


Photo 2: Maxwell McNeill, field assistant in Schriever lab holding crayfish.

 Photo 3: Stonefly nymph.

 Photo 4: Dr. Schriever teaching Iris Hunter (undergrad) how to use a flow meter.

 Photo 5: Students in Wetland Ecology looking at a sample from the Kalamazoo River. Sam Schmidt (undergrad), Lilly Hollingsworth (graduate student), and Adam Austin (graduate student).

 Photo 6: Student in Wetland Ecology.

 Photo 7: Undergraduate students looking at an invertebrate sample.