Turnaround School Leadership Grant: Developing a Leadership Pipeline and Renewing Schools

Sept. 30, 2015

Elizabeth Whitten, TSLPWestern Michigan University was one of 12 districts, universities and other organizations that the United States Department of Education issued new discretionary grants under the Turnaround School Leaders Program to develop, or enhance, and implement a leadership pipeline that selects, prepares, places, supports and retains school leaders. 

In a collaborative partnership with Battle Creek Public Schools and Flint Community School, faculty member Elizabeth Whitten for the Department of Special Education and Literacy Studies, and WMU educators designed the Turnaround School Leaders Project (TSLP). This was formed to implement a leadership pipeline and has recruited and selected teacher leaders and principals from both priority schools as well as other schools from each district.  

This past year the TSLP Cohort has received differentiated leadership training and professional development through focus groups, trainings, and two intensive summer conferences held by the TSLP Management Team from WMU. The leadership training and professional development has had a particular focus on the uniqueness of urban school districts as well as focus areas developed for each district. With less than a year of implemented structure and ongoing learning the pipeline is working. This summer five teacher leaders have moved into administrative positions. The TSLP Management Team will continue to provide ongoing support to each district. More information is available online.